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AIMSMALL 12-27-2012 8:23 PM

Quentin Defense AR15+AR10 80% group buy. CLOSED
PLEASE READ this entire post before ordering.

I'm creating this thread right now due to the massive amount of PM's I've been getting from people wanting to order these. Typically I would wait to start another group buy untill after the build party is done and everyone received their orders from the current group buy. I think doing this now will help everyone get their stuff with a significantly shorter wait time.

Please don't PM me your order. I will get it here off the thread as soon as I can and add it to the list in post #2 or #3.

Regarding payment:
Please include your CGN user name, what group you are in, and your shipping adress with your payment! Please also note what you are paying for example: qty. 2 15A + 1 10W = 2 AR15 anodized 80% and 1 AR10 white 80%. This will help make it easier for me to track everything.

USPS MO Payments (no personal checks or other money orders please)
can be mailed to:
Aimsmall Arms, Inc.
197 Woodland Pkwy, Ste 104
San marcos, ca 92069-3020.


Chase quick pay: Requires the SENDER to have a chase account but they don't charge the 4% fee that paypal does and they don't have an anti gun policy. You can now send payments to me via Chase quick pay at Please add $1 if using this option.
Thank you.

Order #1
I've already placed a tentative order for this group buy so ETA will be way faster then the current 6 month backorder everyone is seeing right now. ETA at this time for this group is Late March-Early April. Payments for this group are due by 2-9-13

Order#2 is now closed.
QD is already aware of this order however Order #1 will be filled and shipped first so everyone in the first group doesn't have to wait for the second groups parts to be made. This will only speed up the process for the first group and shouldn't make it take longer for the second group then it would have been had I done one larger order. ETA at this time for this group is May-early June (confirmed).
Payments for this group are due by 4-5-13 ASAP

Order#3 currently has space available for new orders! Payments must be made promptly after placing your order.
Please be prepared to wait for your order if you are going to opt in to this group. ETA at this time for this group is late July- early August.
Payments for this group are due by 6-1-13

I plan to make a list of everyone who pays at the bottom of each group, the lists will go in order of who pays first, down to who pays last. As people drop from the list in group one, since the order has already been placed and will need to be paid for, I will move people from group 2 in order of who paid first up to group one. I expect the same thing to happen with group 2 cancellations after I place the order where group 3 guys are getting bumped up to group 2.

I thought about doing the "bumps" in order of who opted in first but once I start editing to show payment status it will be impossible for me to know who opted in before who without reading the thread. I have done a lot of group buys and I have a system that works for me, while it is always possible to change the system as needed I feel that the way I do it is the easiest and most accurate way I can do it therefore I do not wish to change it. I hope everyone is happy with this system, for those who are not I appologize, I'm doing the best I can to make everyone happy.

Billet Quentin AR15 80%'s are currently $105 each shipped. Anodized AR15 80%'s are also available and will add $5 per lower. Price has gone up by $5 since the last GB, the reason for this is because I am anticipating a few things that will increase my cost to make the group buys happen and I don't want to cut myself short. If you want in say how many you need here on the thread, white or anodized, and I'll add you to the list.

AR15 80% lower Jigs
These are the best jigs produced to date they fit both billet and forged AR15 80%'s and come with the 3 top guide plates, 4 locating pins and detailed instructions. These jigs have the steel drill guide inserts and are taller then all the other jigs out there for the trigger guard on billet lowers. Retail is $140 group buy price is $110 shipped to you. These will ship with your order when your groups order comes in.

I only have 100 AR15 Jigs available and we are starting to get close to that, there's still some left but they are going fast so I wanted to let everyone know that once we hit 100 that's gonna be it for this order. Ok, I solved the "100 jig problem" so now they are available to everyone, they will ship with your other parts when your groups order comes in.

AR10 jigs Now available, Retail will be $150 group buy price is $120. These jigs are designed to work with QD and TM .308's. Here is a link to the tutorial on how to use the Aimsmall Arms .308 jig.

March-April build party date will be announced in a few weeks. Group buy participants will be able to sign up for the build party 24 hours before anyone else can. The 24 hour early sign up time and date will be announced well in advance on this thread so nobody misses out. BP thread for related info, this one is full... Please note that AR15 fees are now at $85 per lower...

Rorge Retson's group anodizing event thread. PM Rorge Retson or go to the thread with any questions for this event.

Guys in group #1
Final order for group #1 has been sent to QD, changes to your order will be difficult at this point as I can not make any further changes to the order I have placed with QD.

Please include your CGN user name, what group you are in, and your shipping address with your payment! Please also note what you are paying for example: qty. 2 15A + 1 10W = 2 AR15 anodized 80% and 1 AR10 white 80%. This will help make it easier for me to track everything.

CNC thread...

Please ask questions here if it's something I should have covered but missed. PM me for more unique types of questions that don't really pertain to everyone else.

Here's a pic of the lowers.

Here's an anodized 100% reciever (shown only for visual referance, I do not sell 100% lowers.)

And the other side

AR10 80%'s are $155 shipped to you, add $5 if you want them anodized black. Same details in post #1 apply to these.

I know people are going to ask about jigs so I'll just say it right now, the Quentin AR10's haven't fit into any of the jigs that we have tested so far. I have been able to make the jigs myself and they are available for use but I don't have them for sale yet, PM me for details. Compatible with DPMS style 308 uppers and magazines. I know others have been able to modify TM jigs to work with these but we haven't done that.

QD10 jigs are now available for order, see post #1 for details.

*Pictures are for reference only, completed recievers are not for sale here*

AIMSMALL 12-27-2012 8:23 PM

*Pictures are for reference only, completed recievers are not for sale here*

Order list and status

GROUP #1 ETA Late March to Early April
Payments due by 2-9-13

jctheguy 1A1A confirmed
infidel_1776 2A1A confirmed

Egreen6823 2A1A QP $262 + $106
Wchutt 25W1J QP $2000 + $1997
moparmoneyman 2A2A QP $541
LuciusKang 2A QP $221
Rink_Rat 3W QP $316
aceatm1nd 1W1W1J QP $121 + MO $260
ninjamaster 5A2J3A MO Paid $1000+$250
SocalXD 1A MO Paid $160
shawn1972 2A1J MO Paid $330
DrDavid 1A MO Paid $110
beer_guy 3W MO Paid $315
vintagearms 1A CK Paid $110
d.schulz 4A MO Paid $640
sil9mm 1W1J1J MO Paid $105 + $110 + $120
kingofthehill 1W MO Paid $105
twolane 3W MO Paid $315
Gregorio 8W1J2W1J MO Paid $1000 + $380
lilharcher 2A MO Paid $220
bigdawg86 1W1W QP $261
Horshack 5W3W1J QP $1006 + $106
hr20099mm 2A1J QP $222 + $111
gixer1k 2A1A QP $381
winchking 4W1J WUMO Paid $530
Mad_Aaron 2W1J MO Paid $320
sdkelly85 6A2A MO Paid $980
navyboy65 1A QP $111
Jwind 2A1W2A QP $651
jurrd87 2W MO Paid $210
d_sauce 4A1A MO Paid $600
curtismedical 2A MO Paid $220
gr86ss 4A QP $441
Mountainshooter 2A1J1W MO Paid $325 +$110
thekid96 2W1W MO Paid $365
djerikd 2W1W MO Paid $365
Ravens 2W2UW MO Paid $500 + $200
NCSD 2W1A QP $371
Stone7 1J1J MO Paid $230
thechisel 2W1J MO Paid $320
BlairB 2A QP $221
egturbo02 3A MO Paid $331
919industries 1A QP $161
doublehauler 1W1W MO Paid $260
Rookie_Ring 1A MO Paid $160
milo4086 7A1J7A1J MO Paid $2050
Terryw123 3A2W1A1W MO Paid $435 +$435
arteel 2A1J1A1J MO Paid $610
AidanA 2A MO Paid $220
blkblue 1W1WMO Paid $260
AsianAnts 1W1W MO Paid $260
Ronbo 1W MO Paid $155
EricT 1W MO Paid $155
DTom 2A1A MO Paid $380
Plinko 4A MO Paid $440
rt_rider 3A MO Paid $330
killa kangaroo 1A MO Paid $110
libertyordeath 3A 1A QP Paid $491
Chonrsinway8 4W QP $421
Baja Jones 20A 10A 1J1J QP $2000 + QP 2k
Cannon-Arms 1A1J MO Paid $280
Bbonez 3A1J1A MO $600
Woody13 2A1W1J1A MO $595
redbird 2A2W MO Paid $430
Mchava 2A MO Paid $220
foxtrotuniformlima 4A MO Paid $440
p-nor 2W1J1W1J MO $595
pac531 2A2A MO $320 + $220
JoshlikesARs 1A1A MO $270
pvtgiomi 2A MO $220
Bulletside 2W1J1W1J MO $595
gregr 2W1J1W MO $475
jpham209 3A1J MO $440
Caiden07 1A MO $110
prime_mover + Mels65 3A1J MO $330 +$110
lamduh 2A1A MO $380
44fred 1W1W MO $260
markw 2A1J1A Paid $490
TrojanAaron 2A QP $221
Weespeed 1A1A QP $271
jink122=10rounder? 3A QP $331
Dceclipse 1A QP $111
floorance 2A1A QP $381
diezel 4A1A QP $490
DeCloaK 3A Paid $330
Avid Hunter 3A1A QP $491
Zdogg7200 1A QP $111
6doubleR 1A QP $111
BMXnotFIX 1A MO $110
wojtek 2A2W1J MO $540
oxmeyer 5A1J2A1J MO $1100
Tripper 6A MO $660
cycle61 2A MO $220
bmacpolo 2A $220
L4D 2W1A MO $320
nsginc 2W1W MO $365
lewdogg21 2A1J2A1J QP $771
sdjetpilot 2A QP $221
satcom805/fifT7 5A1J1A QP $381+$441
G4L 3W MO $315
Yugo 1A1W MO $215
DanDanPumperMan 3W2W $625
Solaris3000 2A1J1A MO $490
itisagoodname 2A1J MO $330
BCD 2W2W1J MO $640
lowtechjoe 4A2A QP $761
bigmike82 2W1J QP $320
xbguru 4A QP $441
K_Labs 1UA QP $211
shooter5 4A4W1J3W1J QP $1556
Gut_Cassidy 2A QP $221
VetteRacer 1W1J MO $215
warfish91 1A MO $160
winxp_man 5A1J1A1J MO $940
mcnm 1A1J MO $280
JerryBalls 2A1A MO $380
Kenji 2A2UA Paid $410
Flyin_Brian 2A CK $220
Stilts75 1A1A MO $270
otisg 3A QP $331
1Surfrider 1J1J MO $230
yHofmann 1UA Ck $210
peacedivision 1W QP $111
Chuck M 1A QP $111
sintaur 1A1A QP $221 + 51
yhofmasp 1A MO Paid $110 gave at BP
jh4db536 1W MO Paid $105
Zachs300zx 3A1A QP $491
Adamt 3A1J QP $441
subculture14 4W1J2W1J MO Paid $855 QP $105
Riksk 1W MO Paid $110 ($5 tip) gave at BP
vma03 2W1A1W MO Paid $525
TACTICAL 1A1A1J MO Paid $120 + $270 ship jig asap
tpuig 2W1W MO Paid $365
kiltlad 1A QP $108 gave at BP
beb1954 3A1J MO Paid $440
choprzrul 3A MO Paid $110 + $220
ZeppelinOnFire 1W MO Paid $155
racer_X_123 4A1J QP $551
rvrsdcntyRick 4A MO Paid $440
djmadlion157 1A QP $111
TygerAR 2A QP $221
kaligaran 4A1J MO Paid $550
skinny 2A1J MO Paid $330

AIMSMALL 12-27-2012 8:24 PM


Shipped 7/22/13

peterabbits 12A10A2W1J CK $3350
fawndog 2A1W QP $321+ $155
DBoulant 3A2A1W1J MO $925
Istillbleedgreen 3A3W2A8W QP $986 + $1210
wakeboarder4402 4A7W1J1A3W1J QP $2031
datsunrdster67 1A1W1A1W $Paid $540 ($10 extra)
kuletchi 1W1W1A MO $260 + QP $160
BMartin1776 1A MO $160
stilts75 6A2A MO $980
Group3 orders bumped up to group 2!!
inosaris 1A QP $161
Dok 2A1W1A Paid $485
BranNutz 3A1A Paid $105 + $270 + $110
Yeager 2A1J2A1J MO Paid $780 ($10 tip)
budahmann 2A1A MO Paid $355
aheadofthecurve 1A1A MO Paid $270
hump 2A2A Paid $540
sd75i 2A MO Paid $320
kook (2nd order) 2A2A MO $540
Maverick831 1A1W1A QP $100+ $277
Dancer 4A2A QP $761
Slap 2A1J2A1J QP $771

Shipped 5/26-5/27
TacticalDuc 12W3W MO Paid $1000 + $725
Ak714 11A QP $1211
BlackCatRacing#13 2A2W2UW MO Paid $430 + $380
scottschoe 6A Dir Dep $660
mc22 1W QP $106
mkasda 2A1W1J MO Paid $435
RLara 1W MO $105
eyestothesky 1W MO $105
pzfaust 5A2W MO $540 + $220
Cactus_Tim 1A MO $110
Ninety 4W MO $420
Diskrete 1J1UA MO $320 gave Jig at BP
Maltese Falcon 4A MO $420+ $20
oceanrider 2A CK $220
Shogunner 3W1UA1W1UA QP $521 $50 BP credit + QP$401
agent88 1W QP $106
calibrett 1A1J QP $221
propman07 2W QP $310
socalmedic 1UA MO $195
no_op 3A MO $330
bplvr 2A2W1J MO $540
k9noid 2W2W MO $520
snovvman 2A MO $220
LMT4ME 2W1W MO $365
wolviak 2W1J MO $320
SelfGovernor 3W2W MO $470
nimbus 1A MO $110
2barrels 7A MO $770
RubberTramp 1A MO $105
wvhvacguy 3A2W Qp $540
Toyorider 3W2W QP $640
NOTARPilot 4W1W QP $576
Vencis 5W1W QP $680
fredieusa 3W QP $315
Breadfan 4W QP$ 300 +$320
sawjai526 4A QP $441
Duecetrooper 6A1UA MO $660 + $190
tpat663 2W MO $220
ShoootA 2W MO $210
jrygrim 3A MO $480 (over paid $150)
nheiny13 1W MO $155
blackhawke88 2A MO $210 + $20
noob_tube 2W1W MO $365
ilikeguns2 2A WF MO $220
piratebike 2AMO $220
Yugo 2W MO $205 + $5
PhoS 1A MO $110
XXX 2W1W MO $365
NorCalAthlete 4W MO $420
ukfanz 2A MO $220
Mellon 2A1W MO $325
LasVegasTaxMan 1W2W QP $416
evans1985 2A MO $220
jason8055 1W1W QP $260
kombos 1A1UA QP $111 + $196 delivered
grumpydan 2W QP $211
doug5551 1A1W MO Paid $215
xsp2467 2W1W QP $366
MilSpecMonkey 3W QP $316
BushcraftToday 1W1UW1W1UW MO Paid $630 + $10
SP1200 15W QP $1576
Smin 3W MO Paid $220 + $105
dchang0 2W1W MO Paid $365
Daze 1A1W QP $216
kook 4A MO $440
1surfperch 1A MO $111
Joe22 1W MO $105
speedrrracer 2A QP $221
Jumpmanz5 4W QP $106 + $318
secretasian 3W MO $315
USACracer 2W2W QP $521
wideboard 1W QP $156
Mark13 2A2UA MO $630
sacto929 4A MO $440
joebrock 3W MO $315
10motorsports 2W QP $211
peter5ol 1A QP $111
calnhob 1A QP $111
Riksk 1UA QP $196
Arthur84 1W1W QP $261
Shawn1972 1A2W1UA MO $515
barrym66 3A MO $330
FatChance 1W MO $105
SigUser 1W MO $105
Gardalos 1A MO $110
daves100 5A QP $551
anonymousAR 1A1W MO $215
bigmike82 2W1W QP $366
bauern 4W MO $620
pwabbit 1W1W1J QP $371 + $10
shermola1 1W1W MO $260
Agent Orange 1W QP $106
AsianAnts 3W1W MO $470
CNCmillguy 1J QP $121
pescadito 1A QP $111

Shipped 6/19/13
Chrismang85 2A5W1J4W1J QP $664 + $933
anhero 1J QP $120
fredr1980 4A1J MO $550
rhurtado 4A1J MO Paid $560
MROrens 5A1J MO Paid $660
jwallweyfoundry 2A1J MO $330
rafbo 1J QP $110
dmesloh 1A1UA1J QP $416
CaptainPete 2A MO $220
drexotic 4A1J MO $530 + PP $20
doctinker 3W6W1J QP $1366
Twistedsteel 1J1J MO $230
HogKiller 1A1J $220

Shipped 6/21/13
nothing4u 2A1J2A1J MO $770
Diesel70 2A1A QP $381
Modem 1A1A MO $270
tkxiong 5A2A QP $870
Cpt 2A1A MO $380
CA_Trey 2A2A MO $540
Cheung415 1A1A MO $270
skysplash 6A5W1J2A2W1J MO Paid $1505
kgdog 2A2A QP $271 + $271
Ragweed 3A1A MO $490
rt rider 3A2A1UA MO $160 + $200 + $490 (shipped 3A 6-10-13)
I 187 Zombies 5A1A QP $710

Shipped 7-1-13
aznwolf118 8A1J4A1J Mo $1750
Big-Bob 2A3A1J MO $820
crazy 3A1W1J1A MO $260 + $445
fish4lmb 3A2W1J3A1J 3 MO's $1040 + $210
silverone858 2A1A MO $380
Skaana44 1A MO $160
joezilla 2W1J Qp $321
Cary1911 2A1A QP $381
messione 8A2A Qp $1201
jonzy 5A5A1J MO $1470
WoodmanRox 1A1J1A MO $380
chrillios 2A1A MO $380
Ferrum 3A1J1A1J MO $720
Warhawk014 1A1A MO $270
hdsouthcali 1A1A QP $111 + $161
jrock 2A2W2A Dep $750
Peter_W_Bush 1A1A Ck $270
Onlyincali 2A2W1J1A QP $695 + $7

Shipped 7-10-13
ethalienhosh 2W MO Paid $310
herman 3W1J1W1J MO $710
machinegun 1W1J1W1J QP $491
T3chnical 3A1W1J2W1J MO $367+$514 =$881 + $105
brian697 2W MO Paid $210
davidj 3W1J2W1J MO Paid $855
BaysicRyan 3W1J1W1J QP $201 + $500
MotoriousRacing 4W1J3W1J MO $1000 + $10 + $105
bsim 2W1J2W1J QP $520 + $230
Horshack 2W1J3W1J QP $906
nickavina 2W1J2W1J MO$761
EricR 3W $315
RLTW 2W4W Paid $830

weespeed 1A1J QP $281

AIMSMALL 12-27-2012 8:37 PM

GROUP #3 late July- early August
Payments due by 6-1-13

*Waiting on something...*
highintel 1A1W1UW Trade

Shipping 11/19/13 due to late payment
Yugo 2A1J1J MO $225 + $230

Shipping 9/30/13
numskull 1J2A1J QP $321 + $231
Onlyincali 1J QP $121
mrassmu 1J MO $120
Pauliedad 1A1A1J MO $390
firenlead 1A1W1J MO $435
jackandjill 2W1J1W1J QP $596
ledavatar 4A1J3A1J QP $1151
Rocketrob 2W1UW1J MO $640
Motox917 1A1J

Shipped 9/23/13
Sudia247 2A1J1A1J MO $610
Fredward 1A1J MO $280
jfa 5A1J MO $920
rvaldez79 2A1J MO $440
ringchild 2A1J2A1J MO $770
Nor Cal Guy 4A1J MO $760
im2ninja4u 2W1J QP $491
RSC510 1J3A1W1J QP $966
jqpham 3A3W2A2W1J MO $1395
GunSmyth 3W1J5W1J MO $1320
timmahhhh 2A1J QP $441

Shipped 8-19-13
sil9mm 12W6W MO $500 + $700 + $615 + $400
Hoot11 2W3W QP $156 + $520
Guerra 12A1J Ck $1430
Steelplate45 6A1J MO $770
Tyrone Anthony 1A Ck $160
krauhs2505 3A MO $330
VjjR 1W1W MO $260
Hardwarejunkie 2W MO $210
Captain20 1W QP $156
Usmc111001 1A1A QP $271
javithewrench 2W1J QP $210 + $111
Rink Rat 4W QP $180 + $220 + $20
I2est 2A1UA1J1A1UA QP $526 refund $330
motox917 3A1J MO $320+$285 (1A1J added shipping seperately)
tyty13 3A MO $220+ $110
SPC G 1A MO $160
totus44 3W Paid $315
yamadog 2A1J MO $330
jsbige 2A1J MO $330
duc748bip 2W MO $210
paramedictim 3A MO $330
Caiden07 1A MO $110
craneman 1A MO $110
boar308 1A MO $110
MudCamper 2A1J MO $330
SunTzu88 4A1W1J MO $655
gun toting monkeyboy 1W MO $105
kblack583 1W MO $155
Cannon-Arms 2W1J1W MO $310 + $165
VAReact 1A1W1A MO $375
truthseeker 1A1A QP $261
stilly 1W QP $106
dropride 1W QP $106
Falcons99 1A1W QP $216
moparmoneyman 3A2W3UA2UW3A2W3UA QP $1400 + $400 + $1070
Cav Trooper 1W1W1A QP $421
EmptySkuLL 2A6W1J MO $960
Drew Eckhardt 1W MO $155
driftstalker 2A MO $210
curtismedical 3A MO $330
AMDG 2A1J MO $330
44fred 1A3W1W MO $580
lamduh 4A3UA1A1UA MO $1370
propman07 2A QP $221
MrWhipple 2W1J QP $321
SP1200 1J QP $120
luciferkang 1A2A QP $430
Chewy13 1J QP $111
Daze 1J QP $111
1Surfrider 1A1A MO $270
Oxmeyer 2A exchange
fr33d0m 1W MO $225 (incl 1911 mags)
fxjets 2A $220
T3chnical 1A MO $120
80nick 1A 2A MO $440 owe $10
cyrus 6A1A QP $821
Arthur84 1W2W1J 1W 1W1J QP $366 + $491 refund $595
gxrior 3A QP $481
kook 1A MO $110
sbg357 1W1W MO $260
Akguru661 1A MO $160
AJ Machine 2W MO $310
paintballsurfer 1A MO $125 + $35
vqser 1W MO $105
skysplash 1A1UA MO $370
jumpmanz5 2UW QP $400
Dallas 1A1A $270
Rmota 1A $110
rg-1111 1A MO $160
RookieShooter 1A MO $110
Slap 1UA QP $211
wchutt 50A MO $8000
mark11 1A3W1W1UW MO $580 + PP $210
C4Charlie 3W2A $635
Bigdawg86 1UW QP $210
Cactus_Tim 1UA MO $210

Cancelled due to non payment and lack of communication.

aa6rv 2A1J3A1J
warmouth 1UA
sandfishkiller 2A1J1A1J
Wildhorse1966 2W2W
Am3n 1W
dnutz81 1A
contracosta 1A
newguy101 2A
MA1911 1A1J
thetaxman 2W2W
Whoosdat 1W
GuidoJoe 1W
anhnguyen310 3A
TemeC 4A
muskater 3A
discoed 2W
stitch_paradox 1A1W
svrds 2A
Xscmurcielago 1UA
gunimp 1A1A
nickyrr 1A1W1A
joev2340 1A1A
strangerdude 1A1J
lbc710 4A1A
bigfattuna 1A
1911Operator 6W
screemnjay 1A
ninjawho? 1W1W
bluestaterebel 3W1W
Skoonie 2A2W
jackandjill 2W1J1W1J
Bloodshot4Sure 1A
vicstatic 3A
Jeff O 5?
themood 5W3W
atomicwedgy 2W
D Mac 5W1J
IXsokudo 2A1A
diego949 2A1J1A
mojack99 2A
zach540 2W
cdog928 6A1J2A1J
BlueKrush 1A2W
jbnightsky 5A
caliguy2004 1A
aca 4W1J
Royal Arms 4W
zip90301 2A1J1A1W1J
sandwiches08 1A1W
psubond 2A
jeremy_moore 5A
dalucifer 2A
baadcat 1W1W
castelle 2A2W
gimebakmybulits 2A
xjdesertfox 1A1A
AlienPathfinder 1W1J
qbanelric 2A
upnover 5W1J
la24lkr 4W1J2W1J
PM720 3W1W
EuroM5 2?
laylow 2A
Troy86 1A1J
Nautalot 2W
veilstylez 2A
anthonyarieta 2W
stilts75 2A
MrHungLow 1A1J
jt183 4A1J3A1J
tzrtony 1A
h0use 1A1J1J
BigHow5 3A1J
Noel58 2A
Cap'nRon 2A
TS_kid 1UA
tileman4 2A1W2A1W
magila72 3A1J
Civilitant 2W
Slumpbuster 3A
68camaro 1W
goodinplenty 2A2A
Tea165 2W
fishmazter 2A2A
WieDonE 1A
tbnillo 2A1A
Insight.556 2A 1J
Frozenguy 3A1J1A
glbtrottr 3A
sweetpit 2W2W
fabguy 2A1W
bensig522 2A
firechick12 1A1A
TainoWarrior 1A1A
sintax 1A
Phat_Daddy 2A2A
Rorge Retson 3W3UW2W2UW
biggestgodzilla 5A2A
Non-commiforniaist 1A1J
EricT 1W
jksmjp 1A1A
made2order 1W1J
Woody13 2A2A1J
liftedtundra06 1A
sgvxdave 5A confirmed
RippSpeed 2W1W confirmed
edsnmdcn 2W confirmed
InvisibleOne 2W1W confirmed
kablooie 1A2W confirmed
crash87 3A1J1A1J confirmed
cmartin72 10A confirmed

hrazor23 2A1J confirmed
Scott5182 1A confirmed
Breadfan 1W confirmed
gardalos 3A confirmed
J.O. 1W confirmed
libertyordeath 2W1A confirmed
Kingofthehill 1A also in group #
liv4spd 1J confirmed
crazy 3A2UA1UA
swordfish9b 1A1A

lilharcher 12-27-2012 8:38 PM

In for two AR15 anodized 80%ers

tkxiong 12-27-2012 8:38 PM

in for 4 15A + 2 10A


jurrd87 12-27-2012 8:38 PM

In for (2) Billet AR-15's

Sent from my DROID BIONIC using Tapatalk 2

fifT7 12-27-2012 8:38 PM

I'm in for 5 ar15 anodized better put me in for a jig as well thanks.

Terryw123 12-27-2012 8:38 PM

Per our conversation 3 15A and 2 10A

satcom805 12-27-2012 8:44 PM

I'm in for 2 ar15 anodized and 1 ar10 anodized.

bigdawg86 12-27-2012 8:48 PM

I'm in for one AR15 anodized.

Sent from my DROID RAZR using Tapatalk 2

libertyordeath 12-27-2012 8:49 PM

In for a ano- ar10 and 3 ano-ar15, thanks

tbnillo 12-27-2012 8:50 PM

add me in!!! for 1

xbguru 12-27-2012 8:50 PM

In for 4 15a

NCSD 12-27-2012 8:52 PM

I'm in for 1 billet ar-10A

d.schulz 12-27-2012 8:52 PM

four ano'd 10's, please.

nsginc 12-27-2012 8:57 PM

2 15w & 1 10w please

DTom 12-27-2012 8:57 PM

Count me in for two (2) 15A and one (1) 10A.

hr20099mm 12-27-2012 9:00 PM

I'm in for 2 AR 15A 80% lowers.

plinko 12-27-2012 9:04 PM

Hey Aimsmall, put me down for 4 80% AR15 anodized. Do you know if you can get any AR10 uppers again? I'd like to get at least one. I'll be able to pick up at the build party. Thanks!!

MountainShooter 12-27-2012 9:04 PM

I'll take 2 15a + 1 15w

L4D 12-27-2012 9:10 PM

2 x 15W please. Dooooood!

Rink Rat 12-27-2012 9:11 PM

Count me in for 1-15w, maybe go up to 3 if my dad and coworker want one each.

Cannon-Arms 12-27-2012 9:12 PM

For Pete's sake! So many Irons in fires! I'm in on this one, at least one AR10 lower. Will finalize how many more as deadline draws nearer.

whlgun 12-27-2012 9:13 PM

Ill take 4 15a

The last ones I purchased are looking great.


Narde0350 12-27-2012 9:14 PM

Do we purchase a jig kit if we are interested in attending the build party?

Infidel 1776 12-27-2012 9:19 PM

IN!! 1-15 anno 1-10 anno

Dceclipse 12-27-2012 9:19 PM

I'll take 1 ano AR15

DeCloaK 12-27-2012 9:20 PM

I am in for 3 15a. Thanks

Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk 2

cfg8888 12-27-2012 9:23 PM

In for 2 15a thanks. In build parties are we allowed to build 2?

redbird 12-27-2012 9:23 PM

I wil take 2-15w and 2-15a. Thanx

919industries 12-27-2012 9:26 PM

Put me down for 1 10A.


cycle61 12-27-2012 9:31 PM

Subscribed, and interested in two of the AR-15 lowers, anodized.

lamduh 12-27-2012 9:31 PM

2x15 and 1x10 both ano for me thx

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

DanDanPumperMan 12-27-2012 9:31 PM

In for (2)15a!

gregorio 12-27-2012 9:33 PM

I'd like 4 AR-15 and 2 AR-10 all white plus a jig. Where and when do I send payment?

Rorge Retson 12-27-2012 9:34 PM

2A + 2A :)

gixer1k 12-27-2012 9:37 PM

2 15A + 1 10A. Thanks

Jwind 12-27-2012 9:41 PM

1 10A

Bought a few before, but was it just me that got them with the safty selector symbols already engraved? If possible Aimsmall, could you make sure mines is blank? Thanks in advance.

Also, I'm surprised QD is able to make so many in so little time. Been waiting on TM and they take forever and a day..

Insight.556 12-27-2012 9:41 PM

I will take 2x AR15 anodized 80%s, and 1 AR15 jig. Will send payment as soon as you start accepting them.

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