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JamesY 12-30-2008 7:09 PM

WTS/WTT: CAA SRS Sniper Stock
I have a brand new, mounted CAA sniper stock for sale/trade. Same exact one as this (except mine has a differentbase for the monopod. Mine is the latest generation):
I mounted it on my lower, but never fired it. What you get is the stock along with the monopod attached. This stock is fully adjustable. More info on this stock can be found here.

Looking to get SPF or partial trade for Bulgarian AK74 5.45x39 kit.

Now comes with the buffer tube, spring and buffer.

JamesY 12-31-2008 2:24 PM

I received a few PMs about this so here's the actual picture of my stock mounted on a lower. If you compare this to the previous pic, mine is the newest generation. It has a tacticool base on the monopod, you'll also notice the tacticool "CAA" logo on the side unlike the older version that had a threaded hole, more tacticool butt pad, and a few other tacticool stuff. Tacticooled out yet? :p


bigmike82 12-31-2008 3:46 PM

Damn, that's a good looking stock.

how would you compare it to the Magpul PRS?

JamesY 01-01-2009 1:30 PM

I never handled the PRS. Some people pick the SRS over the PRS, some don't. I guess it's user preference.

JamesY 01-02-2009 7:04 PM


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