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Bill I Am 11-27-2012 1:26 PM

Ode to the competition
Oh man. The holidays. Family feuds and personalities and learning about who has what latest ailment. Heavy heavy heavy. Time to drive, time to shoot even with a heavy heart. Hey, how are ya? Good to see ya. What are you shooting today. I'm on a squad, we have our paint and we are ready to go.

“Shooter, load and make ready”

“Nod when you are you ready”


…...and there it is. It's gone. The heavy, the problems, the finances, the politics....

….There's a target, sight picture, trigger control. BANG. Got it. Next target it is a double tap. BANG BANG......

Bullets hitting steel and giving you the feedback that you need to tell you, yea...I hit it!

Speed shots, sometimes. But that is lollipop on a stand 20 yards away. Sharpshooter time. Sight picture. BANG. Got it. BANG got the other one. Last target.

“Drop the magazine, unload and show clear.”

There it is..that smile. That goofy smile that is the elation. Everybody does it. You want the bay/match to never end yet you are relieved that you made it through.

Wow. Did I miss anything? How many bonuses did I get...and by the way...did anyone see my worries? Cause I left em someplace behind me.

Best shooter out there? Not hardly. Fastest shooter? Naw. But....I win something after each bay...I win that smile and THAT makes it all worth it!

Come out to Get the smile.:)

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