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Corona March 16-17 2013 only 8 places left
Hi Folks,

We'll be back on range #19 at Raahauges so we can fit 25 shooters on the line. Sign up hereon eventbrite - only 8 places left.

Information on the range is here

This is 25yard shooting only, bring out the 22s to save money. Welcome to bring out the centerfires if you can afford/spare the ammo.

We'll run a tight instructional day on Sat and not waste your ammo and we can run the AQT grind on Sunday with more time on dry-practice between each AQT under the watchful eye of your instructors and ball and dummy partners to make the best value of every shot down range.

Feel free to bring out your popup/canopy shades but please make sure you bring some method to stake them down - we can't have them flying around in the breeze...

Also don't forget to bring your friends.


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