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chewy352 01-20-2013 4:18 PM

Minimal human contact for 40 years
Thought you all might enjoy this. It is 4 videos. The next one will start on its own.

armygunsmith 01-20-2013 5:50 PM

Very interesting documentary. What a beautiful place to live.

DannyInSoCal 01-20-2013 5:53 PM

My dad did the same thing without leaving Wisconsin.

He married my mom...

shocknm 01-21-2013 6:58 PM

The chick was in shock when her meat didn't come on a saran wrapped styrofoam tray. "The lamb is very.... "fresh""

LeadSlinger585 01-21-2013 7:06 PM

:dupe: Dupe (short of...)

Although you have the better title...


Is this an actual dupe? Same video in both threads but different thread subject. Dupe police, what say you?

chewy352 01-22-2013 12:43 PM

Sorry. I don't come on here very much anymore. Just thought of the guys on here when I saw it.

Linh 01-24-2013 11:02 PM

I'll pass on that.

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