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coleschmidt 01-09-2013 7:35 PM

Where to get an AR in San Diego
Hey guys,
I live in San Diego and my dad and I are looking to get an AR but aren't sure where to look or what shops carry them. We are leaning towards the CA Colt 6920 but are open to other options. Seeing though that practically every store is sold out of anything that resembles an AR, what about stripped lowers? Can anyone point me to a shop or a website that still has some in stock and will ship to CA? Any help is appreciated. This would be our first AR, so we are really just learning the ropes as we go.

NeoGeo630 01-09-2013 7:54 PM

It's going to be tough finding any AR in most shops now. Colt 6920's are selling marked up anywhere from $1000-$2000 and up on the open market.

Good luck to you.

rc51racer 01-09-2013 10:01 PM

I have a brand new Colt 6940 for sale if you are interested PM me.

Xtfr74 01-10-2013 8:57 AM

I have a dpms oracle, with magpul mil spec stock and red dot upgrade. Email if interested.

markw 01-18-2013 9:32 PM

Your best bet is to build one. Right now is _NOT_ the time to buy. If you are going to buy, get your name on some waiting lists and wait.

ac427cpe 01-18-2013 10:10 PM

There was ONE left at American Shooting Center at close of business yesterday. Built up pretty nice, I believe they wanted $1999 for it.

sd_shooter 01-18-2013 10:37 PM

You could do this:
- Buy or order a lower from Turner's
- Back order an upper from Brownells
- Buy an LPK and stock set online or on the calguns marketplace (Will cost more $$ than it should)

If you go that route, you'll probably pay no more than $100-200 over the pre-craziness price. However you'll have to wait for your orders to come in.

coleschmidt 01-20-2013 2:09 PM

Yea it looks like I am going to have to build it. I backordered a lower from JD Machine Tech and am looking into the rest.

CoxInYa 01-20-2013 4:42 PM


Originally Posted by coleschmidt (Post 10265539)
Yea it looks like I am going to have to build it. I backordered a lower from JD Machine Tech and am looking into the rest.

I recently ordered from JD. What kind of time did they give you for delivery?

leonard6084 01-21-2013 9:05 AM

I ordered a lower from jd they told me about three weeks I got it right on time, but I think I could have gotten it earlier bc all they did was see how many they had available right then. Anyways the look and feel great, now to wait for everything else... At least I got what is considered the gun.

coleschmidt 01-23-2013 10:07 PM

They told me anywhere up to 16 weeks. I guess they are pretty backed up right now.

mq9reaper 01-24-2013 12:54 PM

Quantico Tactical in Oceanside had a few S&W M&P 15's in stock when i was there last week. They did say there were going fast. If you are looking to build one, Parallex Tactical off Miramar Road offers a good selection. But they haven't had any lower's instock recently.

Also, the Gun Show will be at the Del Mar Race track in March.

Ilikebigbuttstocks 01-24-2013 2:14 PM

Wiser Owl has a waiting list. Supposed to get in 150 lowers in by the end of February. They are billet lowers and will be 180/each.

You should call and get on the list ASAP

coleschmidt 01-25-2013 8:33 AM

I will have to check Quantico out, if they have some in stock still that would be a life saver.
I'll see about giving Wiser Owl a call!

datsunrdster67 01-25-2013 1:27 PM

Are you looking for just lowers to build or a complete rifle? Wiser owl will be getting them real soon

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