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Kestryll 04-26-2013 1:05 PM

NRA Needs Help in So Cal
The NRA is asking for 'boots on the ground' type help in the So Cal mountains, if you hike, mountain bike, camp or recreate in any way in the areas mentioned below please contact Paul Payne.


Originally Posted by H Paul Payne (Post 11180613)
“Volunteers needed to aid in a scientific study conducted by the NRA. This study will need soil and paint samples from various sources at the top of peaks within the wilderness throughout Southern California (in the Los Padres National Forest of Santa Barbara, Los Angeles and Ventura counties) and in Central California near Big Sur and Carmel (in Monterey County). Volunteers must be able to partake in a strenuous hike, between 8 and 12 miles round trip with as much elevation gain as 3000’, while carrying a backpack to hold scientific equipment and sample containers (no more than 30-40lbs). These sites may require the use of ATV’s in order to reach them. Volunteers must have meticulous record keeping abilities as well as a familiarity with GPS and camera devices. Detailed sampling protocols, as well as directions and equipment, will be supplied to volunteers after interest in this study is shown. Volunteers will be coordinating closely with scientists from the NRA as they sample and hike to these sites in order to ensure accuracy of sampling, as well as aiding the volunteer with any questions or directions they may need in order to locate the sites and comply with the scientific protocol. Thank you very much for your interest, and aid in helping this important scientific study.”

I have been asked recruit some volunteers for this project. It will not be a sexy/attention-grabbing effort. But the results of your sample gathering tasks will be extremely valuable to the NRA's efforts for a long time to come.

Please consider this request carefully. This is not something that is a good fit for everyone. And if you volunteer to complete this task, we will be counting on you to follow through.

Thank you for your consideration.


Edit: If you would like to volunteer for this project, please contact me at < >. I am not able to log onto the forums often, so I might not see your response if you post it here.

jaymz 05-08-2013 10:54 AM

C'mon guys, NRA still needs volunteers for the following sites:

National Forest, approximately 40 miles southeast of Monterey, CA. The shortest route to this peak is using the Santa Lucia trail from the Memorial Park. This trail is 6.2 miles one way, with roughly 4000' of elevation gain. The GPS location for this site is (-121.420807, 36.146082).
* Site # 5: Smith Mountain: Located within the Los Padres National Forest, approximately 15 miles southwest of Coalinga, CA. This site is at the end of the Smith Mountain Lookout road (which is gated). The elevation is approximately 3600', and no hiking trails are apparent. Access may require permission from the landowner who gates the Smith Mountain Lookout road. The GPS location for this site is (-120.595931, 36.078882).
* Site #6: Anderson Peak Observatory: Located off of Highway 1 (just south of Big Sur/Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park), on a private road called Coastal Ridge Road. This road is behind the Ventana Inn. The road is vehicular(for those with permits) and hiking only, no biking or horses. It is 13.5 miles from the beginning of Coastal Ridge Road to the Anderson Peak Observatory. The site itself is likely gated and locked up, so photographic evidence of any trash/contaminants would be needed in lieu of samples. GPS location of this site is (-121.642897, 36.180874).

We've gotta have someone close by.

bigbossman 05-10-2013 9:11 AM

I sent an email to the email specified in the OP, and never heard back. Maybe they don't need help any more?

jaymz 05-10-2013 10:46 AM


Originally Posted by bigbossman (Post 11310863)
I sent an email to the email specified in the OP, and never heard back. Maybe they don't need help any more?

They still need help. My previous post was a cut & paste from an email I got on Monday. I can only guess that maybe the area you volunteered for was covered already? Other than that, I don't know.

AUstate 05-31-2013 12:09 PM

I sent multiple emails too. Have not heard back.

Tanner68 08-19-2013 1:11 PM

Email sent.

Hiking CA 09-16-2013 11:28 PM

Check out my sig line and pass the link on...

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