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mrlonewolf 08-09-2012 7:07 PM

We are not alone in our opposition to SB249
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A big thank you to Sheriff Stanley Sniff from Riverside Sheriff's for supporting California firearm owners. Today he submitted the attached PDF in Opposition to SB 249.

Some key quotes:

"I stongly oppose SB 249"

"This bill focuses on a non-existent problem..."

"This rifle platform - uniquely American - is probably the most prolific in the country. It is literally the modern American "mustket".

"Even more critically, we should not be turning entire classes of citizen gun-owners from all walks of life, which made good-faith lawful rifle purchases over the past few, into criminals."

We have support. We can beat this bill. So Californians, are we going to sit around and complain, or are we going to join in and back up the good Sheriff in this fight, when he has taken the steps to join us and help protect our rights?

So, not only continue calling, e-mailing, faxing, etc your local representatives, but do this also:

Call your local Chief of Police, call your local Sheriff. Ask them to join in the opposition to SB 249 and stand by not only the citizens they protect, but their brother in uniform, Sheriff Sniff. Have them give you a similar letter of opposition and fax it to Senator Yee. Also, take this letter and fax it to Yee and all other Assembly members and Senators.

packnrat 10-23-2012 12:28 PM

well good news this is dead.....this year.

but it will be back and in a far more hideis form.

what can we do now to get ready to kill it and plant it six feet under.
is yee up this year? vote him out.

what district is he from?


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