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Asphodel 02-15-2009 4:56 PM

A Saturday evening range event in San Jose?
Hello, Calguns people,

Would anyone be interested in attending an indoor range training/practice event at the old San Jose 10th St. indoor range, on the second Saturday of each month, from 5-ish PM til 8-ish/9-ish or so?

The situation is this. I'm on the board of the Santa Clara Valley Rifle Club, which manages the City-owned facility. Since a couple of former shooting activities closed down, we have the range available on a couple of Saturday evenings each month.

I'd like to use the open range time for some 'public outreach'.....if nothing else, to get any local resident who chooses to have or carry a gun to have a chance for some basic training and practice, in a friendly and welcoming ambiance.

Would anyone care to organise a womens' group, for a Saturday evening?

I'll provide use of the range, for free, for the first two months, and, if enough people are interested to form some sort of loose-knit group, we'd ask a range rent of $25 for the evening, for the entire group. (basically, a few $ to help with the power/phone bills and other range maintenence expenses, cost of targets, etc.....we're non-profit)

The historic old San Jose range is rather 'stark', to be sure, compared to Reed's or Target Masters. We don't rent guns or sell ammunition. (there's never been a suicide or accidental gunshot wound in the last half-century at 10th St, and I intend to 'maintain the tradition' so to speak)

22 rifles are welcome (and some centre-fire rifles/carbines with low-power 'gallery loads'), and any handgun, except that heavy magnums must use medium power target loads (38 Spl in 357, 44 Spl in 44 mag, etc., and 45ACP may use any bullet type other than military hard ball.)

The 'up side'?......low cost, as compared to the local commercial ranges, and, simply, I'd like to help provide a friendly, welcoming, enjoyable shooting event for nice people.

When I say 'womens' event', I don't have a problem, myself, with husbands, boy-friends, sons, etc., by invitation.....but I'd like to leave that choice to anyone who would care to become an event organiser. Equally, I'd have no problem with a 'women only' event, if that would be preferred.


Give me an e-mail



LG1980 02-19-2009 11:44 PM

I just posted something to the same effect. Santa Clara in general is a bit far for me, but I'm willing to go once a month if there are others interested! Carla, feel free to PM me and it would be great to meet you or with a group.

howard81 02-20-2009 7:59 PM

Hi Carla,

I'm local to the San Jose area. My girlfriend and I would be interested in attending this kind of event. If it became a regular event she would be willing to lend time to help organize it.

Asphodel 02-20-2009 11:08 PM

hello, LG, and Howard,

The old San Jose range is easy to find. The address is 1580 South Tenth St., in San Jose, between Alma Ave., and the County fairgrounds. Take the 10th St. South exit from the 280 freeway. The range is on the left if you are southbound on 10th St., just past the fancy new city ice skating arena.

I'll be minding the range for the 'public hours' on the second Saturday (the 14th) of the coming month.

The 'public hours' time ends at 5PM, and I'll be keeping the range open until 8 or 9PM for anyone who would like to visit and discuss this proposed 'Saturday evening event'. (and to do some shooting, if you'd like, since you'd be at the range anyway)

Obviously, I have to maintain necessary, common-sense range safety standards and procedures, but, past that, how could/should an evening at the indoor range be set up to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience, in your opinion?

For example, I've no problem with firing shotguns, with birdshot or buck, at the indoor range, and its possible to make a 'running target' setup.

Reactive targets, such as silhouettes or swinging plates, could be brought in, altho they should be limited to fairly low-powered lead-bullet rounds, to prevent any possibility of bullet 'bounce-back'.

Alternatively, I'd have no problem with limiting fire to standard paper targets, if thats what the range users or an event organiser would prefer.

(I do have one minor bit of 'agenda', personally, in that I'd like to see 'first time or 'newbie' shooters' be encouraged to learn about firearms safety and basic proficiency skills in a friendly, welcoming ambiance......particularly women who might feel 'insecure' or 'intimidated' about going to some of the commercial ranges)



howard81 02-21-2009 9:00 PM

Hello all,
Sounds good. My girlfriend and I will visit and join the discussion - and perhaps some shooting. =) Thank you for puttling this event together

Dr. Peter Venkman 02-22-2009 11:56 PM

Definitely interested and I will see if I can bring my GF. Is the test run next month?

Asphodel 03-07-2009 3:30 AM

Hello, Dr. Venkman,

Yes, the 'Second Saturday range evening' event will be held at the 10th St. range, beginning at 5PM on the 14th, one week from today.

Now, when I say 'event', I'm hoping to provide the venue for an on-going social event of some sort, to attract some number of nice, friendly folks who have an interest in shooting, and would enjoy an evening of plinking at the range.

As I've said, my own preference would be for an emphasis on attracting new shooters, particularly women and young people, by structuring a comfortable and pleasant ambiance in which to learn firearms safety and basic proficiency.

The 'Second Saturday' event could evolve, as the days grow longer, and the weather becomes nicer, into a social event with a barbecue set up on a picnic table outside the range, a nice way for people of the 2nd Amendment demographic to meet for coffee/munchies and conversation, as well as a bit of plinking......or serious target practice, as may be preferred.

Basically, the 'event' could be, within the obvious limits of standard range safety procedures, pretty much anything the attendees, as a group, might like it to be.

(It would be nice, from my point of view, if someone would care to become an 'event organiser', and let me concentrate on instructing newbies in the necessary range safety issues.)

As an example, I personally think it might be nice to try to re-create a little bit of an old style 'shooting gallery' ambiance, with reactive targets for the 22's, for those who are too young to have ever seen a traditional 'shooting gallery'.



frigginchi 03-08-2009 7:41 AM

Hey pretty neat :)

E4one8 03-09-2009 12:38 AM


I was just wondering what the name of the range is? This sounds very interesting and I would like to see how it goes on the first day.

thank you

Asphodel 03-09-2009 2:09 AM

The facility is generally just called the '10th Street Range' or 'the old San Jose City range'. The official name is the "San Jose Municipal Firing Range", which is posted on a wooden sign board in front of the building. The address and directions are in a posting above.



Asphodel 03-13-2009 4:17 PM

Hello, all.

Just a reminder, the first 'second Saturday San Jose range evening' will be happening tomorrow, beginning at 5PM......the directions, etc., are above.

If anyone would be willing to bring up a brick or two of 22, I'd appreciate.....if you can see your way clearly to donate some 22 rounds for the young people, that would be nice, but If $ are short, and you'd prefer to be paid back for the cost of the rounds, no problem, I'll take care of that.

If you have any reactive targets you could bring, which would be safe for 22's on a 50 foot indoor range, please, please, bring them......I'm working on arranging the loan of a battery-powered shooting-gallery moving target system....little ducks, etc., on a conveyor arrangement......but we won't be able to have this unit available by tomorrow evening.

Do you have cartooning skills? If so, make up some cute cartoon animal targets, just for amusement.

If you could bring a little camp stove, coffee-pot, coffee, styrofoam cups, and maybe some sort of soft drinks/snack munchies, we'd be grateful.

Most importantly, bring any young friends or friends who are 'newbies' to shooting. The 'outreach' is primarily for those people. We want them to learn firearms safety, of course, but also to have an enjoyable range experience.

I'll be bringing a few of my old Winchester 22 rifles, for the 'shooting gallery' tradition, and a couple of target grade 22 rifles, for anyone who would like to try some serious target practice. I'll bring my old Smith K22, and my old Smith 38 speckle, with some small amount of wad-cutter target rounds.

We'll have to improvise some sort of 'time-sharing' on the line between young folks with 22's and those who wish to fire centre-fire handguns, so that everyone has a chance to get in some of the type of shooting they prefer.

I've arranged for a couple of Rifle Club people to help, so a couple of experienced people will be available on the line for instruction/coaching for 'newbies'.

Added on edit......I'm going to have someone posted near the range door to inspect firearms as they are brought to the range, but only to make certain that they are unloaded, and in a 'show safe' configuration, i. e. actions open, detachable magazines out, etc.

For those who are safe, experienced shooters, this might seem a little 'demeaning'......understand, I don't mean to suggest anything negative about you.......but we could have some totally inexperienced people showing up with their weapons, and we need to be very careful about reassuring everyone regarding any possible range safety issues. Please be nice about this, and please remind any young or newbie friends that its very important that they never accidentally allow a muzzle to point at or near a human being.



frigginchi 03-14-2009 12:33 PM

Can't make this one, I'll try next time if there is one. I'll have several guns that people can try out :)

Gio 03-14-2009 3:27 PM

I posted on the other forum section you posted. I am available today, and will be bringing my Walther P22-CA Target and AR with a .22 upper along with ammo. I do not mind lending them out or even showing people how to opertae them. I was able to do the same thing last Saturday with a newcomer tat was 14yo or so, and seeing the smile on his face made it all that much better. I will also be bringing my .45 Kimber if I can get a few shots in with that I will be really happy.

Hope to see some newcomers out tonight, and also meet some new people as well. I have more then enough .22 for today, and will even be more then happy to spread the wealth if needed. I kinda bought the last 5 boxes of Remington 525 boxes from my local Big 5 yesterday :D


howard81 03-16-2009 8:58 PM

This event was great! Thank you for putting it together Carla.

Gio 03-16-2009 9:09 PM


Originally Posted by howard81 (Post 2177542)
This event was great! Thank you for putting it together Carla.

Oops, I forgot to post up here. Went home had dinner and passed out :D Thanks again Carla for throwing this event, hope to make it out to future Special Events with you guys again.

Howard that Glock 19 of yours is uber sweet :thumbsup: Thanks for giving me a go at it :D Now I have Glock Fever ;)


howard81 03-17-2009 5:06 PM

Ha not a problem buddy see you next event

RogueSniper 04-12-2009 1:01 AM

That was fun tonight, though I didn't shoot much - mostly reloading the mags. But my sister had fun! We'll see you folks at the next event if we can make it. I'll bring my 10/22, again, but in a different configuration. That match barrel was a bit too heavy.

Thanks, Asphodel!

-RogueSniper & The Evil One (my Sis)

dachan 04-12-2009 8:20 PM

Hi Carla,
Can you define "gallery loads"? I've never been allowed to shoot a centerfire firearm with a barrel greater than 10" at the 10th St range. It would be great if that were possible if I were to load up some "gallery loads".

RogueSniper 04-23-2009 10:49 PM


Are we still on for May 9th?

Asphodel 04-23-2009 11:54 PM

Hello, Rogue and dachan,

Yes, we're 'on' for 9 May, hope to see you there.....I've been promised some 'reaction' type 'fun targets' for the 22's.....hope that really happens.

dachan, a 'gallery load' is a lead bullet round loaded down to the actual muzzle energy of a handgun.

This is a safety issue.

The old range has an early style of steel backstop, which was the standard or usual range setup "back in the day" when most range use was either 22's or handguns with lead 'wad-cutter' type target rounds.

We won't allow 45ACP mil-spec hardball rounds, as they will sometimes 'bounce-back'.....this is rare, but it has happened. No one has been injured yet, and we need to keep it that way.

There is a confusing designation for some 45 and 9MM bullets. 'FMJ' or 'full metal jacket' means mil-spec hardball, which isn't acceptable, but 'TMJ' or 'total metal jacket', means a bullet with fairly thick copper plating, which doesn't create a hazard, so it is acceptable. Some 45 and 9MM bullets are difficult to distinguish visually, so a simple test is to scratch the bullet with a knife blade, or touch it with a file.

If the bullet is TMJ, the copper plating is easily scratched through, to the lead underneath. A FMJ mil-spec hardball requires several strokes of a sharp file to cut through the jacket.

A rifle bullet in the, say, 7.62x39 class will damage the steel backstop, and the danger of injury from a ricochet or bounce-back is a serious consideration with a jacketed bullet, particularly a mil-spec ball type, at rifle velocities.

Some of the high-velocity jacketed 17's will ricochet unpredictably when striking the old steel backstop, so we just don't dare take any chances with those, either.

Pure or hardened lead, plated lead, or any jacketed bullet with exposed lead nose, are safely trapped, and don't cause any risk of hazard to range users.

My primary concern is one of safety to the range users, obviously, but we also need to be certain that any rounds fired there are no stronger in terms of actual impact than are the 44spl or 45 long Colt class of rounds, so that we don't damage the steel plates.

What caliber of rifle, and what loading, have you in mind?



cousinkix1953 04-24-2009 1:00 AM

The markings on military surplus 9mm Luger and .45 ACP are quite different from commercial FMJ too. People might be wise to bring their ammo in the factory boxes which are marked with info about those loads too...

RogueSniper 05-04-2009 8:05 PM

I'm bringing three new shooters, plus me.

Last time I brought a brick of .22, I'll bring food this time - it's cheaper than ammo! :p

Can I shoot a:
(1) 45 Long Colt, 250gr Lead Round Nose Flat Point, shooting out of a SA Derringer, 2 1/2 barrel
(2) 32 H&R Magnum, 100gr Lead Semi Wad Cutter, shooting out of a SA Ruger, 4" barrel
I'm almost certain the velocity isn't going be high enough to cause any backstop damage. It's your call, Carla - it's your range.

Otherwise, I'm still bringing:
Ruger 10/22, semi auto (.22)
Marlin 39A, lever action (.22)
plus .40, 9mm, and .380.

Asphodel 05-04-2009 11:55 PM

Hi, Rogue,

The 22 ammo donation is greatly you've seen, the 'newbies' burn a lot of 22......and this is one of the main parts of this project, giving new shooters a chance to get some training/experience, in a friendly, welcoming range well as having a nice social event for 2A folks generally.

The 45 and the 32 mag will be just fine.

Have you an old Colt single action in 45 long Colt?......if not, e-mail to remind me, and I'll bring mine......everyone should have a chance for some 'familiarisation fire' with an real Colt single action, sometime or another..... : )

(I'd really prefer that the newbies do 22 mostly, but a 'fun shoot' wouldn't be as much fun without some of the more interesting stuff, right?)

The important thing is that we don't use any load/bullet combination which could create any hazard of ricochet or 'bounce-back'. Lead and lead-tipped bullets deform or break up harmlessly and slide down into the sand-pit.

Bringing some food would be appreciated, what sort of 'munchies' might you have in mind?

We're planning to bring the little barbecue again, and bring hot dogs/Polish sausage as we did last month. Unfortunately, our friend who did the barbecuing won't be able to attend this event if you and/or your friends could help a bit with the barbecuing, I'd appreciate........ : )



RogueSniper 05-05-2009 2:09 AM


Originally Posted by Asphodel (Post 2426757)
The 45 and the 32 mag will be just fine.

Have you an old Colt single action in 45 long Colt?......if not, e-mail to remind me, and I'll bring mine......everyone should have a chance for some 'familiarisation fire' with an real Colt single action, sometime or another..... : )

(I'd really prefer that the newbies do 22 mostly, but a 'fun shoot' wouldn't be as much fun without some of the more interesting stuff, right?)

I'll bring a box of 45 Long Colt. Bring your Colt! I'll email you a reminder.

I'll bring my Vaquerito in 32 H&R Magnum! It's a little pipsqueek when shooting 32 S&W Long, maybe a little more of boom in Magnum? :43:


Bringing some food would be appreciated, what sort of 'munchies' might you have in mind?

We're planning to bring the little barbecue again, and bring hot dogs/Polish sausage as we did last month. Unfortunately, our friend who did the barbecuing won't be able to attend this event if you and/or your friends could help a bit with the barbecuing, I'd appreciate........ : )
I'll bring one of my little Smokey Joes for the BBQ. I'll have dig around for some charcoal. I know I have some in the shed. If I bring the little bbq, can I leave it at the Range as a donation? I haven't had much use of one for years since getting the gas grill.

As for some good grinds, I'll have to think about that one. Something messy always comes to mind ... :thumbsup:

We can play some BlackJack or Poker on the Range. Winning hand gets a prize! Usually I play Tic-Tac-Toe with called shots. Who's bringing a pie this time?

Asphodel 05-05-2009 4:30 PM

Hi, Rogue, Howard, Gio, and whomever else might be interested in making a nice event of this coming Sat. evening,

As you've seen, we're having to 'play it by ear' so to speak, to get the event organised, so I thought I'd throw out an idea for discussion.

I just talked with another experienced shooter, who will be bringing some newbies, so we may have some number of newbies to work with.

How about......could we plan on the first two hours (or some amount of time) at the beginning of the event being 'newbies time', in which we stay with 22's ,to keep the noise level down, and have one experienced shooter coaching each newbie? Its a bit more difficult to explain basic shooting to a newbie with 45's being fired just a few feet away (or even 9's doing rapid-fire, for that matter)

My 'neck is in the noose' with the Rifle Club, if any newbie does something which might be a safety issue, and/or makes someone unhappy/insecure/ it would make me feel more comfortable to know that every newbie was getting personal instruction/supervision from an experienced shooter....I'd really prefer that any newbie show some reasonable understanding of range safety issues and show some reasonable proficiency with a 22 before firing anything heavier.

Then, later in the evening, could be 'big kids time', in which we bring up the 9's, 40's, 45's, shotguns, etc., to the line, and 'do some shooting'......including, of course, familiarisation fire, under supervision, with heaver weapons by such newbies as may be interested.

Could we make this work smoothly and easily without seeming 'regimented'......some reasonable balance between basic training for the 'newbies' and a 'fun event' for everyone?

Or.......well, what do you think? I'm open to any good ideas, just don't want the event to seem 'chaotic'.....



howard81 05-05-2009 8:46 PM

Hi everyone I can't wait this sat. shooting event. How do you guys feel some oysters for the bbq? If enought people can handle it I will bring a bag ( 50-60 ). Alice just pick up a mossberg 500 that thing is almost as tall as she is it will be intresting to see her shoot.


Asphodel 05-06-2009 2:00 AM

Hi, Howard,

I don't think oysters would be a good idea for the event. They are a delicacy which many would appreciate, but there are too many people who could have shellfish allergies and not know it.

If we just had one person have a bad reaction, that could be a real problem for the event. I checked with my partner, who is a retired City management person, and she said that oysters or clams would not be allowed at any City event for that reason.

Would chicken parts, such as thighs, be an acceptable barbecue item for you? Chicken thighs are a convenient 'munchie' size, and good with a nice spicy barbecue sauce. Spicy chicken wings might be a nice 'munchie' as well.

We will have to remind everyone that after eatiing anything, particularly anything with the least bit of salt, to wash their hands well to remove any trace of salt before handling any guns, so we won't risk salt rust spots.

Do you have a neighbourhood bakery which makes really high quality pies, and, if so, could you get a really nice pie, such as, say, a banana cream or.....well....whatever their best pie might be....for the winner of the pie shoot event? (we'll re-emburse you for the cost of the pie)

added on edit......The Mossberg 500 should be fun.......I'll bring a couple of shotguns as well, the M97 we had there last month, and an Ithica 20" riot. I can cut up some large cardboard boxes, to be the targets which will be 'shredded'......could someone bring felt pens and do some cartoon characters.....zombies, aliens, or whatever.....on them?



howard81 05-06-2009 4:08 AM

Hi carla,

Sounds good will bring some other bbq items.


RogueSniper 05-06-2009 10:03 AM

I'm good for teaching newbies. Are we teaching them with .22 rifles AND pistols or rifles only?

Carla - Do you have list of guidelines that you want us to follow when instructing? Safety, of course. What other bits?

And, I'm bringing chicken wings and my Smokey Joe.

Asphodel 05-06-2009 1:12 PM

Hi, Rogue, and everyone.....

I really appreciate your willingness to help with newbies......when or whether any particular newbie should be considered ready to progress from 22 rifle, to 22 handgun, and/or to the 9MM/38spl/45 handgun level will be your decision to make, according to your reasonable opinion when instructing/supervising the newbie. Don't ever let anyone fire any weapon if your opinion is that they aren't ready/able to handle it safely.

If you feel insecure, for any good reason, about any particular newbie, remember that you are empowered to disarm the newbie, and even take the newbie off the line if you feel that particular newbie may be a safety hazard......If you do run across a dangerously unsafe newbie, and make that decision, I'll stand behind you.

I have the impression that you have a good basic understanding of common-sense range safety issues.....if you feel that one or another specific range procedure should be used in this event, here and now is the time to discuss it........we have to make the newbies feel safe and secure, and also to ensure that you, and other experienced shooters, are feeling equally safe and secure.

An event like this one will depend, for its success, on people like you who are interested in having the event work well for everyone.......we have to improvise the balance between providing instruction for the newbies, practicing instructor/coaching/supervisory abilities for the experienced shooters who are willing to help, and just generally having an enjoyable experience at the range.

Its not worth doing if it isn't an enjoyable event for everyone, but, as you know, any live-fire event has to be run ever so we improvise the balance in which we can have the most enjoyment without taking any risks with safety issues.



mrboma 05-07-2009 11:15 AM

I was watching your thread in the wrong forum. Really glad to see your still having the event. I plan to be there this Saturday with a buddy and his son. My wife is out of town (and bummed). My targets will not be done by Saturday night :( . The machinist I am working with got really busy and my project got shelved. I will do my best to bring what I have to shoot and shoot at. Anything else you need?

Maybe I missed it, but is FMJ 9mm ok to bring and shoot after the .22 shooting is finished?

Asphodel 05-07-2009 1:35 PM

Hi, Mike,

Would you be willing to take charge of finding a really high quality pie, from a good bakery, for the 'pie shoot' prize?

(the prize is 'on us', so we'll re-emburse you for the cost of the pie, we just want to get a really best quality one from a good bakery.....probably a banana cream pie, but not necessarily.....if you know of a bakery which does another 'premium grade' sort of pie, that would be wonderful......theory is, the winner can choose between taking the pie home for their family, or cutting it and sharing it out with the other event participants.....or cutting little slices for the participants and taking half of it home, whatever)

We did the first iteration of the pie shoot last month, in which the participants fired on a standard ten-bull smallbore target at 50' range, ten shots, best five counted for score. In the first iteration, I had every shooter use the same 22 rifle, and rounds from the same brick, so the only variable was the shooter him/herself.

This time, I'm thinking that it might be better to allow use of any iron-sight 22 rifle. (or handgun, for the really really good shots for whom such a 'handicap' would be the challenge level needed to make it 'fair') I'll provide the use of my old match 22 to anyone who hasn't a 22 of their own, or they could choose to use one of the others which would be available.

Past that, if you'd care to provide some 22 rounds for the newbies, make up some 'cartoon zombie' targets on cardboard pieces we'll bring, help with the barbecue, or whatever else will make the event enjoyable for everyone, we'd appreciate.

As I'd said earlier, we'll provide the range and the barbecue (apparently, someone else will be bringing a second small barbecue also)......and I'll have to supervise the line when under live, basically, the event will be whatever the participants care to make of it......ane we'll keep it going until everyone has had a chance to get in some of the type of shooting they'd prefer.

Now, about the 9MM hardball.......the only bounce-backs I personally know of have been with 45ACP hardball, and 45 hardball is 'verboten' for that reason.......I don't know for any certainty whether 9MM hardball would be likely to have the same potential, but, if we were to have a bounce-back, and it struck a young person, that could be the sort of incident which could have us shut down.

My impression is that the risk of a bounce-back with 9MM is pretty low, but some other Rifle Club members have said that they've seen it happen.

Given all that, I'd say that we really shouldn't take any chances, particularly during an event in which there are likely to be a lot of people at or behind the line.

Would you be able to get some TMJ, JHP, or semi-wad-cutter 9MM rounds?

If not, I'd think it probable that someone else will be bringing some suitable 9MM rounds you could use.



mrboma 05-07-2009 1:47 PM

The pie is no problem at all. Gayle's Bakery is just down the way and they make the best pie's I have ever had. I will pick one up on Friday evening. I have a ton of .22 rounds to bring, most of which I choose not too fire through my plinkers, that can be used for the event. I also have some cardboard saved up from my flat screen TV box (huge) for targets if needed, just let me know.

If I can find some lead rounds in the ammo bunker I will bring them for the 9mm and leave all the FMJ at home. If not, .22's are fine with me. We will be bringing 3 .22 rifles and 1 .22 pistol.

No worries on the range duties either, I would have no problem assisting you.
Looking forward to it.

leggsman 05-07-2009 5:46 PM

I missed the last month shoots like to come to this Sat.I don t have a newbie to bring but i can bring a couple of .22 riffles and pistol and a .22lr reactive target .I can also donate a box of .22lr ammo.I have to work till 4:30 will be going there after work

Asphodel 05-07-2009 6:05 PM


Thank you for taking care of getting the pie......... : )

Bringing some large pieces of cardboard for shotgun targets would be nice......if we can find someone to cartoon them a bit, that would be a cute touch.....only catch is that we mustn't do human figures....its a 'political correctness' issue with the City.


If you haven't a newbie to bring, you're no less welcome.......the 2A peoples' range social event is for everyone......if you are up for bringing a potluck dish or helping with barbecue stuff, I'd I'd said earlier, we can provide the range use, and the barbecue......but the event will be whatever the people who attend will be interested in making of it. I'd like to see it become an on-going local event, both for the newbies, and as an enjoyable social event for 2A people generally.



Gio 05-07-2009 6:47 PM

Hmm, I am still not totally sure about this Saturday. I will bring a bullet I got for my 9mm reloads so you can see if it works or not. I use FMJ's but they are lead covered with copper, and I am not certain if they are hardball or not.

I sold my P22 pistol :( and picked up a Glock 17 instead. I still have my dedicated .22LR AR and I would not mind helping out with the newbs ;) Just have to make sure I can make it out this saturday :)


Asphodel 05-07-2009 7:07 PM

Gio......hope you can make it......I was impressed with your AR22...... : )



Asphodel 05-08-2009 2:36 PM

We're adding some ham radio to the event
We're also arranging a bit of ham radio and local emergency preparedness commo 'show-and-tell' for the Saturday event.

My partner Elaine WA6UBE and our friend Chuck N6VFH will have some 2mtr. and HF commo gear set up and running. If you're a ham, or have a friend who is a ham, or connected with PAARA, SCCARA, RACES, MARS, or similar commo organisations, you're especially invited to participate.



sirgiles 05-08-2009 10:27 PM

can the backstop of the range handle slugs? 000 buck? what do you recommend using?

Gio 05-08-2009 10:32 PM


Originally Posted by sirgiles (Post 2449973)
can the backstop of the range handle slugs? 000 buck? what do you recommend using?

Nope, get some bird shot d00d :thumbsup:


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