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dirtracer24 06-08-2012 1:04 AM

Can I have an xdm legally transferred into my name in California, I'm told that I can't buy one from a shop here but I don't know of I will legally be able to get it transferred from my brothers name to mine.

scglock 06-08-2012 3:11 AM

You can buy one via Single Shot Exemption here in CA from a store that does SSE's. Or you can have it transferred to your name. Either will work. BTW this is the handgun gallery forum!

dirtracer24 06-08-2012 6:45 AM

My bad on the wrong forum it was late last night when I got the email from my brother. Anyhow so if he legally buys it in his state of residence(NC) he can just transfer it to me and all is fine as long I only run 10 rd mags.

emsalex 06-08-2012 1:24 PM

nope. it would either have to be SSE or PPT and that is only with two CA residents.
if he can convert it to sse and you can find a FFL to except it that's about the only way for him to send it to you

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