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TheTargetMan 08-28-2012 2:44 PM

Welcome to my Sub-Forum!
Greetings everyone. I have introduced myslef on this forum elsewhere, now let me take a minute out of my time to do somewhat of a formal "bio" if you will. My name is Jeremy and I am the owner of The Target Man, LLC ( based out of Tucson, AZ. Calusa/Williams, CA is somewhat of a second home for me. I have family that owns a business up there and I spend probably 2 months (cumatively) of the year up there. We always make it over to Fort Bragg for our annual abalogne dive!

I served in the Marine Corps from 1999-2004. I'm originally from S. Florida, but got stationed at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma in middle 2000. Got out of the Corps in 2004 and stayed in Yuma until 2009. Moved out to Tucson in October of 09 and we just love it out here.

Anyhow, back to my business....The Target Man. I got in to CNC cutting a while back as a means to produce some off-road related parts. I have been an avid "recreational" shooter for many years and had a buddy request I cut him some targets. Basically he bought the sheet and gave me the second half of the sheet in exchange for the cutting. Figured I would give target selling a shot and before I knew it things took off.

Let's talk about cutting....all of The Target Man's targets are CNC plasma cut on a submersion table. Basically, half the target is submerged in water as I'm cutting. The water serves 2 purposes: to reduce smoke and keep the part nice and cool. I can immediately handle (by hand) my targets about 3-5 seconds after the cut is complete. The heat affected zone (also known as HAZ) is extremely minimal. The cut quality and HAZ is extrememly comparable to laser cut taragets. The advantage of the submersion table is a very high-end product, extrememly minimal HAZ, and an affordable price structure!

I don't make much money on anything I sell.... I just move a lot of material. That is more or less my business model. I have been in business for a couple of years and plan on sticking around for a while.

I plan on offering the Calguns community awesome pricing on high-quality AR500 shooting targets! Feel free to browse my subforum, submit target requests, or even make recommendations. I handle constructive criticism well as there is always room to improve.

Looking forward to many years of successful vending here on Calguns!



Baconator 08-28-2012 2:51 PM

I was told there would be punch and pie.

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TheTargetMan 08-28-2012 2:57 PM


Originally Posted by Baconator (Post 9220005)
I was told there would be punch and pie.

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If you come to my house I will make some! :D

Baconator 08-29-2012 7:36 AM


Originally Posted by TheTargetMan (Post 9220050)
If you come to my house I will make some! :D


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