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NorCal MedTac 08-21-2012 5:49 PM

Defensive Medicine 101 9/29/12 Morgan Hill, CA
Saturday September 29th NorCal MedTac will be holding its Defensive Medicine 101 course in Morgan Hill, CA. Please go to to sign up.

Defensive Medicine 101 is a one-day, eight (8) hour course which discusses the most common sources of death in a defensive environment. If you have spent your time and money on courses to defend yourself come spend some time with us learning the skills that you are much more likely to need to save the life of yourself, your family, teammates, friends, and neighbors. Course is divided up into lecture and hands-on application.

Topics include:
Basic understanding of violent trauma on the body.
Major killers of violent trauma.
Skills necessary to mitigate violent wounds.
What tools/equipment you actually need in your personal kit.

There are no prerequisite requirements for this class but Basic CPR and 1st Aid training is beneficial.

Equipment list:
Desire to learn.

To see a youtube review of our Defensive Medicine 101 class please go to:

Cost: $150

NorCal MedTac 09-24-2012 8:59 AM

We have a few openings left for this Saturday's class. It is a great time to learn some skills that that not only will save you or yours on the range or out in the world. But also give you a chance to make a difference in your community during a disaster.

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