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Hoplophile 09-18-2017 12:04 PM

*LOWERED PRICES, ADDED PHOTOS!* 10-11-17 - Saiga 308 16" with extras (LA Co./No Ship)
Location: Arcadia, CA (Los Angeles County)

Make: Izhmash / Russian American Armory Company

Model: Saiga

Caliber: .308 / 7.62x51mm

Barrel Length: 16"

Made In: Russia

Will ship: No

Condition: Pre-Owned, Fully-Operational.

Asking Price: $900 US Dollars *without* PK-01VS Red Dot Sight
$1200 US Dollars *with* PK-01VS Red Dot Sight
If you want to buy the rifle without the Blue Devil furniture, let me know, and perhaps we can work something out ...
(All prices are firm. Buyer pays PPT/DROS fees.)

Hello my friends, the item for sale is an Izhmash Saiga 308 rifle, along with the accessories listed below.

The buyer will receive the following:

•Saiga-308-1 Rifle (no box/case is included at this time)
•Original 8-Round Factory Polymer Magazine
•Original Black Plastic Stock and Handguard
•Blue Devil Wood Stock and Handguard
•2x US-Made Steel 10-round magazines (hand-fitted and tested to run 100% in this rifle)

All of the above is for sale as a single package, with an asking price of $900 $1000.
The package may *optionally* include a PK-01 VS red dot sight for an additional $300 (resulting in a total package asking price of $1200 $1300).

I unfortunately did not get the original box or manual when I purchased the rifle. If you know how to operate an AK, you know how to operate this rifle. If you don't, I'll give you a crash course during the PPT.

The Blue Devil furniture feels far higher quality than the OEM black plastic furniture, and provides superior ergonomics (along with conspicuously softer recoil impulse) as well.

For those who are wondering, the PK-01 VS does in fact permit low cowitnessing with the irons.

•I am not the original owner of this rifle, and purchased it used from a pawn shop.

•I have no idea what the round count thru this rifle was prior to my acquisition of it.

•During my term of ownership, I have fired a total of only 124 rounds through it (a mix of Lake City XM80 ball and SSA 150-grain OTM).

•This rifle has seen no field use, and has only been fired at a static range.

•No stoppages, malfunctions, or parts breakages have been experienced during my term of ownership.

•The serial number on the bolt matches the serial number of the receiver (last 3 digits).

•Both the iron sights and PK-01-VS have been zeroed for 100 yards (using a dead center hold).

FFL Transfer Location(s):
I would STRONGLY prefer to meet at Alamo Jewelry & Loan in West Covina to conduct the PPT, but I am *potentially* open to other FFLs on a case by case basis (just ask).

•No shipping at this time. Cash only please (no checks, money orders, IOUs, etc.).

•The first "I'll take it" (implying acceptance of my asking price) in this thread gets priority over any counter-offers or "I'm interested" statements.

•If multiple offer acceptances are made, item will be offered to next buyer in line if prior buyer fails to complete sale or maintain contact within a time frame I deem to be reasonable.

•If, in the event that the first buyer is unable to complete the transaction, the item will be offered to other Calgunners based *solely* on the order in which they post a "I'll take it" after the first buyer did. This keeps things fair for everyone, and you can always delete such a post if you change your mind before I get to you.

•The buyer will be given the opportunity to perform an inspection of the firearm when we meet at the FFL shop, prior to payment.

•All sales are final. I offer no warranty, express or implied.

•Buyer is responsible for all PPT/DROS fees at the dealer.

•Upon successful and smooth completion of transaction, I will leave positive iTrader feedback for the buyer.

Please feel free to PM me with any questions you may have.

(Please click on the thumbnails for the full size images)

(NOTE #1: Yes, the serial number is blacked out in all photos where it would otherwise show up).
(Case and accessories for the PK-01VS, which will come with the red dot if purchased)
(OEM black plastic furniture and factory 8-round magazine)
(OEM black plastic furniture and factory 8-round magazine)

Hoplophile 09-19-2017 10:17 AM

More Photos

Photos of steel magazine #2:

New photos of rifle:

Xanthippus 09-21-2017 10:39 AM

Bump for a beautiful firearm. Very nice. Good luck.

racinjason233 10-09-2017 3:32 PM

good rifle and hilarious video!!!

Watch the video everyone it's so TRUE!!

Hoplophile 10-10-2017 11:02 PM

More photos.


Hoplophile 10-27-2017 8:47 AM


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