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thrasherfox 11-06-2011 8:21 PM

IWB HOLSTERS FOR SALE - New update 12-17-2011
*********** Christmas Special **********

from now until December 31st I am offering holsters with the Magazine option at no additional cost. The magazine option is an additonal $10.00 to the price of the holster but through the end of the year Standard Kydex Holster with Magazine option is $50.00 (plus shipping)


These holsters are inside the waste band holsters with leather for the backing that is against your body and Kydex as the formed shell.

They are riveted together and have adjustable belt clips.

Turn around time for replicas I have on hand is usually less than a week.

If you live near me and can drop your gun off I will make it the same day, usually within a few hours

If I have to purchase a replica then turn around time will be dependent on how long it takes me to get a replica in.

The below list of items are replica's I have on hand


Glock 17
Glock 19
Glock 26
Springfield Armory XD-9
Springfield Armory XD-40/45 Tactical
Sig Sauer P225
Sig Sauer P226
Sig Sauer P226R
Luger LCP 380
Smith and Wesson Chief Special 45acp (the small compact one)
Desert Eagle baby Eagly 9mm
Desert Eagle 44 Magnum / 50 AE
Colt M1911 U.S. Army 1911
Kahr CW9
Kahr PM9
Kahr CW40


Ruger LCP 380
Sig Sauer 225
Sig Sauer P226 .357 / .40 - 12 round
Glock 9mm - (reads 17 rounds on the magazine)
Springfield XD 45
Desert Eagle .44
Desert Eagle .50AE
Baby Desert Eagle 9mm
Smith and Wesson Chief Special 45acp
Kahr 9
Kahr 40

The cost of the holsters to start with will be as follows:

$50.00 for the regular Kydex
$60.00 for Concealex (if I can still get the material, it is difficult to find, hard to work with but thinner and looks more durable)

$10.00 extra for a single magazine option.

Plus shipping for any of the guns listed above that I already have the replica's for. I will ship however the person requests, however I prefer to ship UPS with tracking. To me it seems to be the best option to ensure the product gets to the person and the packages is ensured. However I am considering using the USPS flat rate small box. that looks like that might be a good option.

If anyone has a need for a holster for a gun not listed and does not want to wait until I add it to my inventory, I will order the replica for anyone who wants to purchase two holsters or more. The cost of the replicas with shipping and tax exceed what I am selling the holsters for. So the first holster off the replica I lose money on. the second I make some profit.

Here are some pictures of holsters I have made so far

This holster I made for a friend who just purchased a Springfield XDm 40. It also fits my XD45 tactical perfefctly. So this holster is for the XDm 40 and XD 45 Tactical

This is a holster I made for my son in-law who works for a PD down in So Cal. While the gun is an LCP .380 and most people question why you would want a holster for it, he liked the one I made for myself and he said carrying it in his pocket became troublesome sometimes to get out. I really do not expect to sell many of these. but he has liked it and I can make them

My newest holster with Magazine attachment.

My second gen holster with Magazine attachment.

Here is my newest holster with magazine option. This is using the Concealex (Carbon fiber pattern)

So if you are looking for an IWB holster, please give me a shot.

You can either contact me on here or send me an email to

Currently I will accept payments through pay pal, cashiers check, money order or personal check. Cash of course if it is a face to face transaction.

However any form of payment other than pay pal or cash I will need to wait until the form of payment has cleared the bank before I can send the product out.



CJfever 11-06-2011 8:27 PM

Would you be making any for the FN 5.7 with tac light?

thrasherfox 11-06-2011 9:13 PM


Originally Posted by CJfever (Post 7453909)
Would you be making any for the FN 5.7 with tac light?

I am sure I could "IF" I can get the handgun and a similar taclight.

I have one taclight that fits my XD45. I just looked at the FN 5.7 (online) and it looks like the taclight I have should fit on the rail.

I looked at the two sites I usually get replica's from and I didn't see one for the FN 5.7

If you can either find a place I can purchase the replica, or if you could get your gun to me with the taclight I could use it. If you did that you could hang out while I made it. You would not need to drop it off or anything. But I see you are in the Bay Area. I am in the central valley.

If you are interested and want me to try to locate a replica that I can use to make it I will.


xdgregg 11-07-2011 8:35 AM

How about a holster and mag holder for a P6 ?

thrasherfox 11-07-2011 2:49 PM

So far I cannot find replica's of the FN 5.7 or the P6.

Unless I can use a replica or the real gun I cant make them.

thrasherfox 11-07-2011 9:48 PM

I just ordered some additional replicas and I have updated the original post with the update. As soon as they come in I will add them to the available holsters.

These are:

Sig Sauer P225
Sig P225 Magazine

thrasherfox 11-21-2011 9:41 PM

Just made my combo holster for my XD-45.

I am thinking the 45 "might" be a little big for doing a gun+magazine combo. But I can wear it with a loose T-shirt and it doesn't print. and I normally wear dress shirts.

If anyone is interested in this, I am not selling them at the moment. This is the first one I have made and I want to wear it for awhile, break it in, see if I notice any problems. But after I ensure it is a solid product I will be offering them for sale if anyone is interested. They will be more expensive than just the holster naturally, this thing was a pain to make.

I know this type of setup is not for everyone. Someone in another thread mentioned having to cross over your body to grab the magazine, and I get that. but for me it is convenient and I have had numerous request from people for this type of setup. So I know there are people out there that would like this type of setup.

thrasherfox 11-30-2011 8:32 PM

I have in the LC9 replica and also have received in the Sig 225 and magazine. So I can make holsters for these now. I will update my first post showing these are now available.

Also, a local gun store is carrying and selling my holsters. If anyone wants to go in and check them out and order them through the gun store you can. Here is a link to their web site

I also believe I have it nailed down as to the gun with mag attachment. It requires a little precision in location of weating. But I have been wearing mine, sitting in the car, chairs etc. and it is not uncomfortable. I put a little bend in it so it wraps a little around the body so the gun sits more flush with your back and the magazine sits right on your hip. and the magazine sits low enough where it does not pinch you when bending over.

I know this setup wont be for everyone since it is easier to grab a magazine from the opposite side, however I have tried carrying mag pouches on my left and my gun on my right and for me I am constantly checking my firearm to make sure it is not exposed. When I try wearing magazines on my left side I find myself constantly checking both which is a little more of a pain. And I feel more uncomfortable trying to conceal two separate pieces of gear. with the holster + magazine attachment you still only have one piece of gear to be concerned with.

thrasherfox 11-30-2011 8:38 PM

Also, I just ordered the SIG 226R (with rail) and magazine for it. I should be getting it in within a week.

I need to sell a few more holsters before I order any more replicas. But I am looking at ordering the following next

J-frame replicas
S&W model 6906

if anyone has any holsters they would like but I don't have it listed yet, post up what it is, when I get more cash flow I will purchase it.

thrasherfox 12-05-2011 9:48 PM

Ok, here is a newer version of the magazine attachment. I decided to make it a separate piece. I think this will break in better.

The on I made for myself (in the picture in the first post) has actually broken in well and I really like it. I am going to make another for myself like this one.

This one is for a 1911 that I just made for one of my customers.

Here is one with the replica. My replica is a longer than the customers, so the customers barrel will be fully separated from the body by the leather.

thrasherfox 12-10-2011 2:34 AM

Just made my third Gen Holster with Magazine option.

I am currently letting it dry but I am really excited about this. I am of course going to wear it for awhile to make sure all is good. But it is basically the same size as my standard holsters, I was just able to figure out a to add the magazine option!!

My first two trys at this worked, but there was just something eating at me I didnt like. One was the increse in size. I now have that issue mitigated.

Some of you have asked for a holster with the mag option. If you can I would like to ask you to wait for a week or so of letting me test it out before I make yours. If this turns out how I think it will. there will be no other holster quite like it and I believe it will be real comfortable and functional.

I will post pictures in the morning when I finish it!!.

thrasherfox 12-10-2011 11:01 AM

Ok, here is my newest holster with magazine option.

I am wearing it right now and after three different models I have to say I think this is my best one.

I think this is the style I will use as my basic holster with magazine option. It is no larger than a regular holster, still flexes and there is no noticeable difference between this and a holster only.

My other two prototypes I made, while they worked and they were comfortable, they required different positioning than a regular holster.

Very excited about this one!!

thrasherfox 12-17-2011 12:01 PM

New holster added.

Kahr 9 with magazine option

This holster seems to fit the Kahr CW9, PM9 and CW40

With replica gun and magazine

Without gun and magazine

thrasherfox 01-05-2012 7:50 PM


I have been notified by CALGUNS that I must stop soliciting the sale of my holsters on this board. So this will be the last post made on this board IRT my holsters. This thread should get locked after this.

Just wanted to let everyone know.


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