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kali_art 01-28-2013 8:49 PM


Do you guys know what the status is for Noveske's 300 blackout series or in their rifles in general? I understand the recent events that has taken place with Mr. Noveske. Very sad.


LeadSlinger585 01-28-2013 8:59 PM


jbatzmaru 02-10-2013 9:03 PM

any Noveske??? i have not seen one in over 6 months or more.

jhmc2000 02-11-2013 7:39 AM

Id be curious also.

Riflegear 02-11-2013 5:34 PM

As far as we know Noveske is still printing out products as usual. The loss of John Noveske was obviously a huge loss for everyone in the firearms community but he was mindful enough to set up his business so that the good folks there could continue to do business the way they always have.

That said, remember that even though manufacturers are working full bore, it always only seems like they're not sending anything out. They are... its just that there is a tremendous amount of demand as well. Most stores will be lucky to get full deliveries and most will just be able to get their hands on a few pieces, which of course sell out quickly.

Keep watching the website and be sure to sign up for stock notification. Anything we have available is likely to sell out quickly until things normalize a bit.

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