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triplestack3 01-16-2013 2:10 PM

finding antique parts?
I've been fortunate enough to still have the first rifle I've ever shot. It also happened to be handed down to me by my father. It's not worth much of anything, but I thought I would share and hopefully someone can help me out with an problem I've having.
The rifle is a Stevens 53C, which came factory equipped with Lyman target sights. It's seen a LOT of use and been outdoors a lot, so it's beat up. After sitting in basement for the last 10 years, I managed to clean it up a little. The rifling is in good shape and it's mostly just a ton of wear on the finish and some pitting that make it look pretty ugly.
I'd love to take it out shooting, but the problem is that the front sight worked itself loose and fell into the snow a long long time ago and I can't seem to find another one. From what I understand, it's a 7/16" dovetail for the front sight and I don't know where to get another one. I was thinking about just keeping my eyes open for a whole rifle and scavenging parts. Any thoughts or insights?

Chaos47 01-16-2013 3:11 PM

Cool old rifle, first up its probably Curio and Relic C&R not an antique.
I know it might sound like I am spliting hairs but these are atual terms with legal meanings:
C&R - Over 50 years old or specifically listed by the ATF
Antique Firearm - manufactured in or before 1898

Heres Numrich's page for the 53C

They list a front sight:
But I do not know if this is a standard front sight or one that is the proper height to work with your Lyman rear sight.

Other thought have you considered contacting Lyman?

triplestack3 01-18-2013 7:55 AM

I stand corrected on antique v. C&R

For some reason, I wasn't able to find that part number that you did - might be a lifesaver. Funny how a $3.00 part can hold up everything. I called Lyman a couple months back and they said that they couldn't help since the parts are from the 1940's. They gave me the number to some guy in CT that dealt with C&R stuff, but he couldn't help me out. Keeping my fingers crossed on that Numrich number ***

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