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Squid 12-13-2012 7:44 AM

Remington 750 (semi-auto, extended clips avaliable!)?
Seems like a bargain for Remington quality at Russian import prices.

Comes with iron sights with rear sight well forward to stay out of way of scope.

Comes in carbine length, and at 7 1/4 lbs would be close to the "Scout Concept" just in semi-auto.

I'm sure it has a "hunting barrel" not "battle rifle barrel" but for the price it looks like nice alternative to M1-A or AR-10 for those wanting semi-auto firepower. Also maybe not a bad bug-out gun, since it looks more like a BB gun than an assault weapon.

Only downside is Real Guns says the only got groups of 1.8" at 100yds.

The "platform" comes with TactiCool aftermarket support!.....which claims to be able to improve grouping easy.

Any reason NOT to get one?

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