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hemiguy55 04-22-2013 6:04 PM

magnum sonic cleaner problem
So I bought the hornady magnum sonic cleaner and haven't had much luck with it. I have used it maybe 10 times? and it has shut off (kind of seems like its shortn out) on me 8 times. Its a REAL pain in the ***.
Anyone know why it does this? Is this a known issue? How do you fix it? I've tried contacting hornady but the stupid phone line keeps asking for an extension.

C.G. 04-22-2013 10:08 PM

I am sure they will replace it once you'll get hold of them.

Revoman 04-23-2013 5:42 PM

I didn't have a Hornady, but I remember that the one I did have didn't time past 8 minutes, cranking the dial all the way.
Maybe the Hornady has a built in timer that you cannot set and just runs 8 minutes and shuts itself off?
I would think that might be in the instructions though?

hemiguy55 04-23-2013 8:26 PM

There's no consistant time that it shuts off. Its always at a random time. I always ran my unit at 140 for 20 mins. Sometimes It would turn off half way thru, sometimes in the beginning, and others with a few mins left. Its still won't turn on and it hasn't been this bad where it won't turn on at all

hoisumguo 04-23-2013 10:18 PM

Been using mine for four months now at 60 min. It counts down and turns off on time. Just call and if it asks for extension try zero and see if you can get an operator.

Traded in the Lyman magnum sonic for it. Although the Lyman had a drain tube, the valve leaked and didn't clean anywhere near as well as the Hornady magnum.


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