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NorCal MedTac 11-23-2012 9:49 AM

Defensive Medicine 101 Sunday December, 16th
Scotts Valley, CA

Defensive Medicine 101 is a one-day, eight (8) hour course which discusses the most common sources of death in a defensive environment. If you have spent your time and money on courses to defend yourself come spend some time with us learning the skills that you are much more likely to need to save the life of yourself, your family, or your friends and neighbors. Course is divided up into lecture and hands-on application.

Topics include:
• Basic understanding of violent trauma on the body.
• Major killers of violent trauma.
• Skills necessary to mitigate violent wounds.
• What tools/equipment you actually need in your personal kit.

Currently there are no C.E.’s available for this course but we are working on it. There are no prerequisite requirements for this class but Basic CPR and 1st Aid training is beneficial.

Equipment list:
• Desire to learn.
• Pen/paper.
• Lunch.

To see a youtube review of our Defensive Medicine 101 class please go to:

Cost: $150

Please go to to sign up

NorCal MedTac 11-26-2012 5:06 PM

FYI... If you like free stuff head on over to our facebook page. When we hit 400 likes we will be giving away some combat gauze and chest seal.

Atekhed 11-26-2012 5:46 PM

+1 for NorCalMedTac's Defensive Medicine class.

I took this class in Sept 2012 and it was definetly worth it. If you are shooter you owe this class to yourself to be a more rounded individual.

Lots of relavent lecture and hands-on to put into practice what you are learning. You wont be ready for the trauma ward or to be a paramedic by classes end but you'll get a good base for what to do in an emergency.

Good stuff!

WebMoskal 11-28-2012 9:33 PM

Issue with site.


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NorCal MedTac 11-28-2012 10:35 PM


Originally Posted by WebMoskal (Post 9811268)
Issue with site.

Site is back up. Thank you. I PM'd you about giving you a discount since you took the time to let us know there was an issue.

NorCal MedTac 12-13-2012 7:15 PM

Three spots left.

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