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lawdawg0417 01-01-2013 5:50 PM

.300 winmag reloading newbie
Ok so I just purchased the Lee 50th anniversary kit and got my manual that I am reading currently. Just wondering anyone else here reloads 300wm and what do they recommend for just for fun shooting(cheap and lower recoil) no accuracy and then maybe also a starting point for accuracy shooting paper only cost not a huge factor on this one and i know all rifles vary so I figure ill have to experiment a bit there.

Looking forward to having some fun got a few hundred brass saved up and another 60 factory left to shoot.

xhogboss 01-02-2013 9:34 AM

Welcome to the world of the 300 Win Mag!

I've loaded the 300 for some time, so I'll offer some thoughts FWIW. The 300WM is a big case; it takes a lot of powder. More powder = more $$$. Lots of powder means you can make heavy bullets go fast. Heavy bullets = more felt recoil; it's a physics thing. My favorite load combines a 180 grain bullet and a slow burning powder to give me about 3100 fps chronographed. Great for almost any North American game animal, but perhaps not what you're looking for.

To lighten recoil, shoot a lighter bullet. Speer makes a 100 gr. plinker that might be a fun place to start; They are not a high velocity bullet, however. Check several loading manuals or someplace like for minimum loads with some of the lighter (110 - 130 gr.) bullets available in 30 caliber.

You might also research reduced-powder loads by searching some of the forums on cast bullets. Typically, cast bullet loads are lighter than loads for jacketed bullets. Combine a lighter bullet and a minimum load, and you'll end up with something that's very pleasant to shoot and won't erode your barrel.

Beware! Some powders react unfavorably to reduced loads! Exercise due diligence. A reduced load of the wrong powder in a big case can expose more of the powder to the primer flame and create excess pressures.

One of the techniques used in fire-forming cases with reduced loads is to put a pinch of kapok or polyester fiber filling (like for pillows) on top of the powder to hold it against the case head. Don't compress the fiber filling - it doesn't take much to keep the powder where it needs to be for consistent ignition.

Hope that helps point you in the right direction. Enjoy!

spamsucker 01-02-2013 9:38 AM

TrailBoss might be the way to go to shoot reduced power loads.

xhogboss 01-02-2013 10:18 AM


Originally Posted by spamsucker (Post 10086673)
TrailBoss might be the way to go to shoot reduced power loads.

Great choice! Almost impossible to overload the case.

lawdawg0417 01-03-2013 12:54 AM

Thanks, will def check these out, I just want to get something cheap and not so damn hard on the shoulder everytime i go to the range. love my mag but after putting a box down range I dont always feel like shooting any of my others.

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