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Anchors 11-15-2012 10:57 PM

$150 Ammo, bullets, new brass. Revolver, western, safari calibers, etc. Orange Cnty
$150 takes all the stuff left over from below ammo and reloading stuff.
FINAL PRICE DROP 07/16/13. I do have the ability to accept secure electronic credit card payment at an additional rate of 3%

Will ship (Y/N):
Maybe if the buyer pays. But still maybe. Local sales take precedence.

Location (city or county):
North Orange County (405 and Beach). You can meet me in this area.

Face To Face Transaction:
I am available Saturday and Sunday all day. I am available after 7:00pm all other most other nights. Please PM me to make arrangements.

Prices/Negotiation/General Information:
Each "slot" below is for sale, I will not split a "slot" up.
Some prices may be negotiable for people purchasing multiple "slots", but please do not lowball. I realize most of this is priced below current market value.
I don't have time to go get more information on these things, so they are listed as is. The photos contain more detailed information than the description does.
Please do not say you will take something unless you are 100% serious.
I understand that things come up when money is involved. No problem there. But please be upfront if you have no real intent to buy in the first place.
Fair trades will be considered, but cash is preferred and I am in no hurry to sell.

I am very easy to work with.
I am a private seller, not a dealer.
I am not willing to break the law, so please do not ask.
I am not responsible or liable if you hurt yourself or commit any crimes with any of these items.
I reserve the right to cancel a sale at any time, for any reason.

The price stickers in some of the pictures are in "good ol' days" prices, which do not reflect current value.

Make: Winchester and Remington
Caliber: .44-40 Win
Quantity: 135 Rounds
Price: $85

Make: Winchester
Caliber: .45 Colt (.45 Long Colt)
Quantity: 34 Rounds
Price: $30

Make: Federal Hi-Shok
Caliber: .375 H&H Magnum
Quantity: 40 Rounds
Price: $70

Make: Federal Premium Safari
Caliber: .416 Rigby
Quantity: 40 Rounds
Price: $165

Make: RWS Factory Brass Cases
Caliber: 7x57 (7mm Mauser)
Quantity: 98 Cases
Price: $125

Make: RWS Factory Brass Cases
Caliber: 9.3x62
Quantity: 120 Cases
Price: $100

Make: BRP Inc Cast Bullets (highly respected company, no longer around.)
Caliber: .44 - 245 Grain
Quantity: 700 Bullets
Price: $55

SELLERS, you may bump this ONE TIME each 24 Hours starting at Midnight
BUYERS, send questions or offers to Seller using Private Messages

neuromonic 11-28-2012 6:53 PM

I will take the FA 454 casull ammo. Will send a PM once I am out of class.

Anchors 12-30-2012 10:52 PM

$225 takes everything left!
Must sell!
You can probably make it back and then some at the next gun show. I just don't have time.

Anchors 07-16-2013 6:03 PM

$150. Final drop.

sidepass 07-31-2013 12:51 PM

Whats still left? Interested in the 9.3x62 brass and 44 cast bullets. + shipping

sidepass 07-31-2013 7:23 PM

Or all.

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