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Mossy Man 03-19-2012 5:50 PM

Remember that M1903-A3 I was talking about?
Well my dad gave it to me today.

The receiver is stamped U.S. Remington Model 03-A3 with a serial of 4130XXX. The barrel is stamped 9-43, so it was manufactured in September of 1943. It's a surplus, I don't know if its ever been fired.

It seems to be missing the front barrel band screw, but the stock seems to be in pretty decent shape. I cleaned it previously and today gave it another good clean. The receiver seems to be in good shape, the action is smooth and the rifle bore seems clean and the rifling looks good.

Here's the pics:

Should I shoot it? Do you guys think it's safe to shoot?

What kind of loads should I use? Standard .30-06?

Thanks for the comments.

alfred1222 03-19-2012 5:53 PM

SHOOT IT!!!! and than tell us how it works!

Capybara 03-19-2012 6:19 PM

Nice looking rifle. Based upon the little I know about 03A3s, with that late build date, you can definitely shoot it. Not sure about ammo and the slow burn powder issue though. I just ordered my first CMP Garand and the Hornady .30-06 they sell is made specifically for the M1. Not sure if those same burn rate issues matter in a bolt gun like this?

Anyone with more knowledge about this care to comment?

Mossy Man 03-19-2012 6:21 PM

i probably should have posted this in C&R

laika 03-19-2012 6:54 PM

You're good to shoot modern load 30.06 in this rifle as it's a bolt action. It doesn't have the op rod to get bent.

I shoot federal 150 grain but I've also shot 180 grain in mine. I would stick to 150 grain from what I read but folks who really know their ammo can tell you more.

Nice rifle. Reminds me of.... MINE. My favorite rifle.

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