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Prince50 04-01-2011 4:00 PM

ACR Bullet buttonŽ upgrade

Bullet ButtonŽ has upgraded the ACR Bullet ButtonŽ to an aluminum unit instead of a plastic one. This unit is much stronger, as the ACR must "cam" the bullet back to drop the mag.

The stronger aluminum body also gives us the capacity to allow the unit to operate as a convertible Bullet ButtonŽ. (Thanks HANS!)

When using the new system, if you are out of state, remove the left hand setscrew, and the unit will function as Bushmaster intended when pushed from the left side. When returning to state, simply replace the setscrew and be complaint. It is still accessable with a tool from the left side and with a bullet from the right, so there is no downside to the upgrade.

Anyone wishing to upgrade from the old style to new, need simply send your plastic Bullet ButtonŽ back to us and pay $3.50 Shipping and Handling for return postage. (Delivery confrimation must be used).

We will send out a new anodized Bullet Button for your ACR same day first class in a padded mailer with delivery confirmation.

Please send your plastic units to the address on our website at

Thank you.

kozumasbullitt 09-09-2011 11:16 AM

Is this deal still valid? Can I inclose a prepaid USPS priority label to ship back in the flat rate box it will come in? I have 2 BBs to exchange.

Uxi 09-12-2011 4:17 PM

I never did send in mine since I didn't have any problems.. I think the one screw might be stripping, if not stripped, too so don't really want to put it back in. Have my ACR apart right now while looking it over.

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