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EBR Works 10-24-2016 9:30 AM

🚩🚩Middleman & Compliance🚩🚩

Our commitment to you:

Same day response to inquiries and questions via email.

Lead times are typically 24-48 hours if parts are in stock.

You will always know the status and lead time of your order. No excuses.

We will send you tracking for your shipments. You will know where your guns are, always.

See here:

Email us with any questions:

Some photos of a few examples of our compliance work.

Custom Kydex for thumb hole:

Wrap and extended muzzle device:

Wrap and stock extended:

Custom Kydex & stocks fixed:

Custom Kydex wrap:

Custom Kydex, fixed stock & no muzzle device:

Stock, muzzle device and wrap:


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