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hardlyworking 03-08-2013 3:04 PM

Polite question to the FFLs Re: corporate (not legal) restrcited arms
I apologize for my ... brevity. I know it is the soul of whit, but can't help myself.

Some arms manufacturers (many?) have a Civilian and Military/LE product groups. I've had my eye on the Remington Versamax "Tactical" (I hate using that word), based on its "shoot ANYthing" gas system.

This would be for an HD/SHTF weapon as I have good friends with your typical carbines and other long-range items (in the event of say, "The Big One", CA earthquake)

Unfortunately while I love the KISS concepts on the tactical, high-vis front sight, vented rib, I am non-plussed with the 22" barel and 44" OAL!

Enter the Remington R12! 18" barel, "ruggedized" parts. Its perfect right?

Only its LEO/Mil only. Not because its an SBS, but because the company choses to market it that way.

I think you see where I'm going with this: How hard is it for civilians to acquire perfectly legal items that the company, IMO erroneously, reserves for "privileged groups"?

I'm not *positive* I want the R12, there are features of the Civi Tactical that are still very attractive which the R12 doesn't have - 4 inches of barel might mean the difference between dinner and a wasted shell (SHTF), etc.

Can any of you fine folks order an R12 somehow? Or am I SOL?

kemasa 03-08-2013 3:20 PM

If you can find a FFL to sell it to you, then you can buy it. One issue is that with some companies they refuse to admit that the firearm exists in terms of parts for non-LE. That means that if you ever need a part, it can be a problem.

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