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bigboarstopper 09-17-2012 3:18 PM

Where to take a large group for first shoot in bay area?????
My cousin is looking for a place to take 10-12 people for their first shoot. Can somone give me info on a range where somone could rent out a range for a few hours in the bay area? Somwhere he could use multiple stalls at one time and instruct. So far he's running into situations where he will only have one stall at a time and that will supposedly take forever to get 10-12 people to shoot a dozen or so guns. Any advice?

lazyworm 09-17-2012 3:19 PM

even if you find a range, you must have 1 instructor/babysitter per lane.
You shouldn't leave first timers alone.

FairfaxCA 09-17-2012 3:23 PM

Try Richmond rod and gun club

bruce381 09-18-2012 5:15 PM

los altos range

otteray 09-18-2012 8:51 PM

Coyote Valley Clays.
I brought a group of non- shooters and they had a BLAST!
On weekends, they have the outdoor grill all fired up with burgers, chile and stuff and beer when you are done shooting.


The Experience Package
Perfect for groups (3 person minimum) trying Sporting Clays for the first time, or for groups with mixed experience levels. Our guides will make sure you have a safe, fun time and help you hit some targets!

The Experience Package includes:
50 Targets(per person)

2 Boxes of Ammo(per person)
Gun Rental

Ear and Eye Protection
One Guide for every 3-5 persons

The Experience Package is $69.00 + tax per person, and is BY RESERVATION ONLY!
When reserving;
Groups of 3-5 people, leave the reservation Quantity to 1 guide
Groups of 6-10 people, change quantity to 2 guides
Groups of 10-15 change quantity to 3 guides.
Groups of 15+ please call (408) 778-3600
Experience Package Info

1MAG1KiLL 11-16-2012 3:46 AM


Originally Posted by FairfaxCA (Post 9344971)
Try Richmond rod and gun club

Their gonna shoot the wire.:43:

weekend_plinker 11-16-2012 5:11 AM

If its only hand guns and no magnums rounds try
read there limitations on guns and ammo.
San Jose municipal gun range

awva 11-16-2012 7:51 AM

Where to take a large group for first shoot in bay area?????
Shay: Call USI Range in Concord. They have a range to help with your project. PM me for more info. Larry

CrippledPidgeon 11-19-2012 3:32 PM

Reed's can give a group rate and staff instruction for groups about that size. You'll get about a 20 minute briefing in the classroom in regards to safety and handling, and then time on the range with one of the two bays (10 lanes) all to yourself.

Otherwise, just make sure that you have an experienced shooter for each lane that you rent, because at no time should a first-time shooter be unsupervised.

ElDub1950 11-19-2012 3:37 PM

just post which range and what day you decide to take 12 newbies all at the same time ... so I know when to go to a different range :p

tba02 11-19-2012 3:41 PM


Originally Posted by 1MAG1KiLL (Post 9733752)
Their gonna shoot the wire.:43:


tba02 11-19-2012 3:43 PM

Though I have never been, friends of mine that go in groups and encourage newbies have had good outings at Chabot.

CAHighSierra 11-19-2012 3:43 PM

Manteca sportsmen's is generally empty during the weekdays.

AAShooter 11-19-2012 3:48 PM

It is not clear if you are planning to shoot shotgun, rifle or pistol. Consider Livermore gun range.

covingtonhouse 11-23-2012 10:16 PM

Laguna Seca was raffling private range time when they opened up the 500 yd gong back in sept. You might contact the new range master there about renting private range time if its possible.

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