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interstellar 03-03-2013 9:49 AM

Suomi M31
Anyone have experience with the Suomi M31 - semi auto variant? Sans the mag capacity issue, I know the round count exceeds 10.


wellfedirishman 03-03-2013 10:30 AM

Yes, they are tons of fun. TNW sells a home-build kit that is pretty easy to put together.

The drums seem to work a lot better than the stick magazines. Is is easy to permanently mod the drums to 10 rounds (if one chooses) with a rivet and epoxy.

Note, the suomi design (per the TNW kit) is featureless since there are no 'ban' features.

interstellar 03-03-2013 11:00 AM

Cool, thanks for the input.


ccandgc 03-03-2013 12:28 PM

I'm waiting on one of the kits from the commercial page here.....looking forward to it. I'd like to figure out how to get a drum mag in parts to modify it. Also, what would be the proper finish for the TNW parts? Re-park the whole thing? Sorry to thread crap, just wondering.....

surplus-addict 03-03-2013 1:37 PM

I shot one once and HOLY CRAP it was awesome. Since its so heavy, it's accurate and recoils almost like a .22, and it just looks B.A.

It also is just cheap to buy parts for or repair, and still cheap to build. Mags are still inexpensive, and come on: EVERYBODY has a bunch of M31 stick and drum magazines they bought in the 80's when they were cheap, right? ;)

I suggest that you buy a parts kit from sleazier than dirt even though they suck, simply because the kits are still $80 and because they have the cut receiver pieces. A cool piece of history and a good guide to use if you are using a TNW build kit.

Might I aim you to ? They have a giant section on buildings guns from parts kits and there is a very active sub forum on the Suomi M31. Lots of good guys there....

And here's a good blog post about a TNW build:
LOTS of pics there.

interstellar 03-03-2013 4:49 PM

^^ thanks.

OniKoroshi 03-03-2013 6:20 PM

TNW will sell you a CA compliant rifle. They pin the mag iirc.

If you can find stick mags you can block them yourself with blocks from

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