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lgm118icbm 03-13-2018 11:40 AM

3/27/18 North OC Shoot @ FT3 Tactical
Tuesday 3/27/18 @ 6:30pm-9pm is the next CGSSA OC Chapter shoot at FT3 Tactical in Stanton.
All are welcome, so bring a friend!

FT3 Tactical is near Beach & Katella in Stanton

$5 donation gets you 1 slice of pizza. $10 donation gets you all you can eat pizza! All proceeds go to supporting our monthly shoot.

Safety - If you are acting unsafe you will be educated or asked to leave. Please case and uncase firearms in the shooting booth only and do not transfer uncased firearms between booths. Complete range rules: http://www.fieldtimetargetandtrainin...e-information/
Target Height The cardboard target hangers have several height positions. Depending on the height of the shooter, use the appropriate target position and make sure fired rounds do not hit the ceiling or floor.
Bring a Government ID! Driverís license, passport, govt ID card, etc.
Age - No shooters under the age of 10 allowed. All shooters that are under 21 must be accompanied by a shooter over 21.
Ammo - If any part of the cartridge attracts a magnet, it is a no-go. No aluminum cased ammo. No Tracers. Staff will be inspecting your ammunition.
Pistols - No Rapid fire, no drawing from holster, and all pistols must be unloaded, locked open and pointed downrange when not in use.
Rifles - All rifles must be checked in at the front counter when you register. They will give you a chamber flag to use for the night. Please remember to give it back before you leave.
Shotguns- Only slugs that are purchased at FT3 may be used at the range. If you are caught trying to sneak in outside shotgun ammo, you will be asked to leave.
Brass- You can pick up your own brass. Just notify staff that you want to keep your brass and we will try to sweep it into a little pile for you.
Cost - $12 range fee for all participants (FT3 members included) .

REMINDER: Ė FT3 has been gracious to allow us to use their facilities at a reduced cost. We will return the courtesy and we will leave the facility better than we found it. That means making sure trash is disposed of (even if itís not yours) and accepting responsibility if you damage range equipment.

Calgunner in Training Program.

Where do I start? What are the safety rules? Which gun should I buy?
It is easy to forget how overwhelming the shooting sports can be to a beginner. CGSSA strives to make the sport welcoming, safe (and fun!) for new shooters. The Calgunner in Training Program provides an opportunity for new shooters to come to our CGSSA monthly shoot and attend an orientation seminar lead by certified firearms instructors, followed by hands-on learning in the shooting bay! We provide the instruction, firearm and ammo. (All included for free with your $12 range fee). Space limited to two students, NEW SHOOTERS ONLY!!)

All others at the monthly shoot are welcome to sit in on the classroom portion of CIT at no charge. Please arrive at 6:30pm. The class begins at 6:45pm. No late arrivals will be admitted into the class.

The CIT program is funded entirely by our monthly shoot through donations and our pizza dinners, so eat up! A special thanks to our instructors and Calguns staff who volunteer their time to make events like this so much fun!

lgm118icbm 03-13-2018 11:41 AM

RSVP is not required but if we don’t have at least 10 people on the guest list 48 hours before the event, it may be cancelled. Walk-ins are welcome and we usually can accommodate so invite your friends! If we reach capacity and you are more than 15 minutes late, your reservation may be given to someone who is present and waiting.

I know traffic sucks. If you know you will be late, send a text to 949-241-5123 with your Calguns username and we will try to hold your spot.

Monthly Shoot Guest List:

1. crapmail135
2. TheReluctantCraftstronaut
3. TheReluctantCraftstronaut +1
4. ffranc4
5. ffranc4 +1
6. theicebear
7. Stella
8. Stella +1

***If the guest list is full, don't be worried. There are always cancellations which we will fill from the wait list.

Wait List:

crapmail135 03-14-2018 12:41 PM


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TheReluctantCraftstronaut 03-15-2018 8:29 AM

In +1

ffranc4 03-19-2018 5:30 PM

I'm in. Put me down for 2 please.

theicebear 03-26-2018 9:28 AM

I'm in.

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Stella 03-27-2018 1:54 PM

Hello, I'm coming with a +1

Red_Barchetta 03-27-2018 5:14 PM

Iíll be a last minute add. Might be a bit late, but I plan on going.

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lgm118icbm 04-02-2018 9:09 AM

Another great night at FT3 Tactical!

Saw some familiar faces who haven't been around in a while and TheReluctantCraftstronaut won a Friends of NRA hat in our darts game!

And now, pics or it didn't happen!

orthikon 04-04-2018 2:50 PM

Will there be one on 4/24?

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lgm118icbm 04-05-2018 2:19 PM


Originally Posted by orthikon (Post 21483489)
Will there be one on 4/24?

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Yes. Be sure you subscribe to the permanent thread to have event updates emailed right to you.

orthikon 04-05-2018 2:23 PM


Originally Posted by lgm118icbm (Post 21487253)
Yes. Be sure you subscribe to the permanent thread to have event updates emailed right to you.



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