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G-forceJunkie 01-30-2012 11:27 PM

CaPRC Tactical Rimfire match announcement 2-26-12
The California Precision Rifle Club is proud to announce that our first Tactical Precision Rimfire match will be Sunday February 26th at the Angeles Ranges.
For details about the Angeles Ranges, see their website:

Signups start at 7:30am and shooting should start at 8:15am when the line goes hot.
Please arrive at the left side of the Angeles rifle range no later than 7:30am to complete your waivers, sign-in and get assigned your shooter numbers.
Your shooters number is also your position on the line so please lineup accordingly.

Match fee is $20 for Caprc members or $30 for non members.
The match fee also includes use of the range after the match is completed.
We usually try to finish by 1pm.
Bring 100 rounds of ammo minimum, suggest 150-200 rounds as you will have time to confirm your zero.
Be prepared to shoot as close as 10yds and as far as 200yds.
Be prepared to shoot from standing, kneeling, seated, prone and other improvised positions.

Future match dates as well as general rules, gudes, and suggestions can be found on the CaPRC forums:

This match is open to bolt action and semi-auto rimfire rifles in .22 lr caliber only.
No Hyper velocity ammo, match grade target ammo recommended.
Bipods, slings, shooting mats and rear bags are allowed and recommended.
Chamber flags are mandatory and are available from the club if needed. Observers are welcome!
Line helpers are always needed! If you are planning on attending to just watch and not shoot, please volunteer to be a line helper. Duties may include: Helping stapling and placing targets, keeping score, and spotting. Its a great way to get up and close to the action and see whats its all about.

Line helper RSVP's will be accepted anytime.
CaPRC Member RSVP's will be accepted after 12 noon on Monday February 20th.
Non-Member RSVP's will be accepted after 12 noon on Tuesday February 21th.
RSVP's posted before those times will be ignored.

Please RSVP by posting something very definite in this thread such as "I am in" or "I will be there" as we will ignore "maybe" or "if" RSVP's.
If you RSVP and later figure out that you can't come, please post that as well so we can keep the RSVP list current and move people up from the waiting list. Please RSVP as soon as possible so we can ensure we print out enough targets. Walk-ons will be accepted only if we have enough targets.

The following people have acceptably RSVP'd as shooters:

Range Officers/Line Helpers:
Shorts ActionPrecision


G-forceJunkie 02-21-2012 6:34 PM

Taking RSVP's for this match now.

johnlee 02-21-2012 10:35 PM

Come on, guys. Bust out your 10/22s or 795s or whatever you have and show up for this Sunday's rimfire match.

I just looked through the rimfire gallery and there are tons of weapons shown there that are more than accurate enough for this Sunday's match. Like this one:

That's really good, and that's with Stingers. With a subsonic like Match Target, the groups would be even smaller.

This is also more than enough gun to shoot the match:

This one is smoking with CCI Blazers:

That's ridiculously tight for CCI Blazer. Bring this sucka to the match!

You guys aren't even shooting match ammunition and you're getting very good accuracy. All of these gun/ammo combinations are more than enough to shoot the rimfire match.

If you are looking to get started in precision riflery, this rimfire match is a great way to get your feet wet.

johnlee 02-21-2012 10:47 PM

If you guys are wondering what kind of super duper hispeed precision rimfire rigs you will see at this weekend's match, here are some samples from the first CaPRC rimfire match last year.

Typical bolt rifles include this Savage:

Or this CZ:

Here's a Marlin 795:


I shot the match with my Anschutz sporter:

I'm not showing you skid row or anything like that. These are representative of the rifles at the match last year. That looks like a CCI box beside that 795, but most of the shooters shoot Wolf Match Target (very accurate in nearly all guns and cheap at $4.50 a box).

Just bring whatever you have and shoot the match. You can always say your "build" isn't quite ready yet. Ready for what? Just bring a rimfire and shoot the match instead of setting up hurdles for yourself. Even if you finish dead last in the match, you still finished ahead of all of the hispeed big-talkers on the web who didn't shoot the match at all.

I hope to see you at the match this weekend.

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