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Santa Cruz Armory 03-07-2014 11:24 AM

SSE service and SSE pistols
Give us a call or drop us an email if you're looking for SSE service or for SSE pistols. Conversions for many models and calibers available with more coming soon.

(831) 706-7374

cc12floz 03-08-2014 1:04 AM

You guys can't tease us like that! Tell us what pistols you can SSE!

battleship 03-08-2014 1:35 AM


twolane 03-08-2014 11:28 AM

Also interested... Pricing would be great too!

briant8957 03-08-2014 10:57 PM

Interested in your guy's selection.

Santa Cruz Armory 03-12-2014 8:32 AM

Inventory changes almost daily. Give us a call to check stock.

KIDRR 03-29-2014 6:39 PM

Marking for later

Sig556swat 03-29-2014 6:48 PM

do you charge for sse

Santa Cruz Armory 06-16-2014 9:26 PM

Lots of SSE guns available.

Glock Gen 4- 41, 42, 19, 22
Springfield XDm, XDs
Ruger LCP, SR9, SR40
Taurus PT1911
S&W FDE M&P VTAC, Bodyguard, Shield
Beretta Nano

List changes daily.

sparrky 06-17-2014 7:56 AM

How about hk vp9?

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