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Josh Jackson 01-19-2013 10:17 PM

AAR: LMS Defense, Ladies Pistol Clinic, 19Jan2013, Yuba City, CA
On 19 January 2013 LMS Defense conducted a Ladies Pistol Clinic in Yuba City, CA.

WEATHER: It was a clear day, with the sun shining from late morning until after lunch. The shooting area was in the shade however, keeping us fairly chilly most of the day. Thank you to the student who brought the hand warmers to share, they saved the day for those of us who put them in our shoes to keep our toes warm ALL day!

GUNS/GEAR: There were a variety of handguns being shot, four semi-automatic pistols and two revolvers. Of the four semi-automatic: one each of a Glock model 22 and 27, a S&W M&P 9c, and a Kel-Tec. Being a first time class and shooting experience for most of the ladies, there was also a variety of gear, mostly borrowed. Overall I think that the openness with which students were willing to ‘try’ different gear out helped lend itself to the creation of some distinct preferences.

OVERVIEW: As all students arrived early and were ready to go, class started at 0850 hrs, 10 min. earlier than planned. The day began with a general safety briefing, which included a medical plan and the five gun safety rules. The instructor talked about the 3 pillars; marksmanship and target engagement, weapons handling, and mindset. He mentioned the majority of our day would be dealing with the first two. Next, the instructor went over grip, stance, sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control, follow through and breathing. After explaining and demonstrating these things, students got up on the firing line. Again, as the majority of students were new shooters, there was a brief discussion about loading and holstering the guns in a safe manner. There was a demonstration on presenting the gun. Draw stroke was broken down into steps and after some dry practice, students began drawing and firing their weapons on target. After a few drills, the position sul was introduced and ladies were taught how to scan 360 degrees before holstering their weapon.

The day proceeded with much learning and a big focus on feeling comfortable handling the weapon in a safe manner. By lunch, several drills had been fired and everyone had achieved their stated goals for the class. After lunch, there was a short group discussion about mindset, specifically color codes of awareness and O.O.D.A. loop. A few personal stories were shared by both students and staff. The morning’s fundamental skills were quickly reviewed and students enjoyed several opportunities to shoot drills that used repetition to build on the previously learned skills. Students were taught multiple target engagement and did a few more drills to solidify the basic skills and reaction time.

The instructor did a great job of not moving too fast, but challenging the students who were ready to press on.
The students were given the option of ending right at 1700 hrs or going a little longer to learn how to disassemble and clean their weapon. They opted to go longer and spent the next 25 min. acquiring another new skill set.

This was the first time we’ve held a formal class at the range in Yuba City. It is not a public range, but we’ve been afforded the opportunity to hold small classes there and much appreciate the hospitality extended to us.

I would also like to thank the following companies for their support of LMS Defense and our students.
XGO- Performance base layers
Slip 2000- Extreme Weapons Lube
California Safe Company

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