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Longbow 11-26-2012 9:39 PM

Meanwhile, back up in Piru.... Wild Bunch match this Saturday!
For those of you that care about such things; the 1911-heavy Wild Bunch match will be held again this Saturday, December 1, at Wes Thompson's Range, the Hole In The Wall Club side, right across from the Deadwood Boys; site of the bi-monthly Action Pistol matches.

Six stages, a whole bunch of shooting, and a great group of guys. All you need is a 1911, which you should have, anyway; a lever action rilfe in pistol caliber, and a 12 gauge shotgun; Winchester Model 12, 1897, 1887, or a Chinese copy. Heck, we are allowing ANY SASS legal shotgun, including side by sides. If you need one of those contraptions, just ask.

There is no .45 caliber rifle requirement, but there are some knockdowns, so make sure whatever you have will take 'em down.

The round count is 120 pistol, 60 rifle, and about 40 shotgun.

We'll be reshooting notorious Stage 1, with a couple of minor modifications. Everyone had a great time shooting it last month, so why not do it again?


Longbow 11-30-2012 5:42 PM

Just back from setting up at the range; beautiful day, ground is firm, and folks, we are SHOOTING tomorrow!


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