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Joezamboni 12-02-2019 5:36 PM

TRO and registered assault rifles
A friend of mine was recently accused of rape, was served a TRO, police investigation is recommending to the DA charges get dropped. He has his first court appearance tomorrow for the RO upon waiting the DAs decision to proceed.

My concern. I dated the girl as well a while ago and she just started asking odd questions and I did not feel comfortable with the timing and decided not to answer. We broke up via text on good terms, talked after on good terms without a single disagreement and now this is occurring. Iím concerned about receiving a TRO if she decides to act vengeful. I was wondering if there is an attorney I should reference, if I should allow the police to take possession, should/can I plan for potential out of state storage at an FFL/friend where the weapons arenít classified as assault weapons (or if thatís even possible) or if a local FFL can store them. I wish I could talk rationally and explain the potential situation but I donít know how given the timing and how sheís behaving now.

Milsurp1 12-02-2019 6:35 PM

Youíre smart to plan ahead. You could contact Michael and Associates or one of the firearms-fluent lawyers who advertise on CalGuns for a plan. Might be the cheapest $500 you ever spent.

Unforgiven 12-02-2019 10:51 PM

Need pics of ex.

instaramen 12-02-2019 11:33 PM


Originally Posted by Milsurp1 (Post 23655931)
Youíre smart to plan ahead. You could contact Michael and Associates or one of the firearms-fluent lawyers who advertise on CalGuns for a plan. Might be the cheapest $500 you ever spent.

This. If you do in fact have registered AWs, it just makes it even more complicated due to CA laws regarding possession and storage of AWs. If you fear that your ex might get an RO out of spite, definitely get a firearms lawyer to discuss your options. However, whatever you do, don't let the police/DOJ take possession; getting them back is a bureaucratic nightmare.

edgerly779 12-03-2019 5:14 AM

See who can store firearms for now. In locked case with only you retaining access. Contact audiophil in Az. UGimports is up near you maybe can help.

splithoof 12-03-2019 9:05 AM

Most definitely plan ahead, at least with regard to how to keep the police away from your firearms. A trip out of state to a place where you can legally store your property is something I would be ready to do at a moments notice, given that need may arise. As others have said, DO NOT GIVE THE POLICE AN OPPORTUNITY TO TAKE POSSESSION OF YOUR PROPERTY. PLAN ACCORDINGLY NOW. Getting them back in the future may be a tremendous hassle, and given their past record, your property may be destroyed in the meantime.

Joezamboni 12-04-2019 7:32 PM

Well, good news on this front. The girl is realizing she may be (legitimately) be on the line for defamation regarding what she’s been saying, so she’s shutting up for now with my friend.

Spaffo 12-04-2019 8:35 PM

A strong offense is usually the best defense when accused in these groundless cases. If the charges are not strongly contested, your reputation, job, etc. can be affected. The stink can linger quite awhile.

instaramen 12-04-2019 8:37 PM

Defamation might be the least of her worries. If anything, she might be criminally charged with filing a false report which could be a misdemeanor at best or felony at worst.

Joezamboni 12-21-2019 7:55 PM

So, off topic curiosity regarding this. My friend’s attorney managed to negotiate a significant portion of his attorneys fees back in “good faith” negotiations with the the girls attorney regarding the RO. :D

How often does this occur when there is no supporting evidence for the RO and what is the amount usually? Also, you can guess what my friend is planning.

sfe187 12-21-2019 8:07 PM

So, your friend took your sloppy seconds?

Joezamboni 12-22-2019 10:18 PM


Originally Posted by sfe187 (Post 23715670)
So, your friend took your sloppy seconds?

No comment :rofl:

Bigdog68 12-22-2019 11:39 PM

You still may want to talk to a lawyer, with the red flag laws the way they are. Donald Kilmer advertises on Cal Guns, and is local in San Jose, and has a lot of experience. Just in case

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