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Kingofthehill 01-05-2013 3:11 PM

Looking for Scope for 300-400 yard target AR and a Ruger 10/22 100yard scope
Hey guys, got a question. Im a pistol/shotgun shooter and now looking at optics which is a whole new ballgame for me for my rifles.

The AR in question is being built to take full advantage of my local 400 yard range. The components of the AR itself are bulletproof and will do the job so long as I do mine (which im learning). The choice of reticles out there and magnification has me quite lost on what im actually looking for.

Its going to be my target gun and im challanging myself to tighten up the groups as best as i can, especially since im getting into reloading as well. Ive had people recommend Vortex as a great choice for those on a budget as well as Nikon and Leupold. Leupold although has some in my price range the magnification offered doesn't seem to be enough??? So i think that may be a loss. Should I be looking into a Mil-Dot setup? How about a BDC setup? Id like something with the hash marks so i can line up my hold if need be for wind or even taking it hunting. Also at that distance i was thinking about going with something in the 12-16x magnification? Might sound overkill to some but im looking for any advantage i can get i guess.

The second gun is a very high end built 10/22 ive built and need a scope for. I have a fun 10/22 already so this is my precision setup and once again, not sure on what scope to go with and also reticle to choose.

Budget on the AR-15 is going to be in the $400 range with a MAX $500 price tag and the 10/22 id like to keep under $300.

Both are target built setups with high end barrels, triggers, stocks and will be shot off a bench.

Any ideas? I also have a question regarding the scopes with the hash marked turrets for adjustments and how necessary they are? I do like the idea of being able to use my fingers instead of a screwdriver or coin to make adjustments.

Help me by once and be happy with them? If i didn't buy another AR setup with the recent events i was going to buy a nice 1k+ scope for my target Ar but i think i'll hold off until can save some $$$ and I think i'll build a Remington 700 ive been eyeballing with a high end optic in .308 when i get my reloading figured out and start reaching out to 600-800 yards.

So im really looking for any advice you guys can offer from learning from your mistakes?

Thanks everyone for reading.


Don the savage 01-07-2013 12:19 AM

I was in your boat a year ago. No experience with scopes at all. Now after a few mistakes i can tell you you definitely want the tactical turrets. Easier to adjust for distance. The bdc turrets are the best( turrets are marked for distance once the scope is zeroed). For my money in your price range i went with the leupold Mark ar 3x9 with bdc turrets. I got mine for under $300. Which leaves moneyvfor a good mount. I have a burris PEPR on my 5.56. I have a larue lt-104 on my .308. Both are great mounts, the larue is expensive but can be found used for cheaper. As for the 10/22 i went with a red dot on mine soi dont have much for that. Good luck.

HighLander51 01-07-2013 6:11 AM

Better start by doubling your AR-15 scope budget, unless you only want to shoot it twice a year.

PrimaryArms 01-07-2013 7:11 PM

These are awesome!
Mil/Mil with FFP
Its by far the best bang for the buck


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