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Flipdude 01-19-2013 4:15 PM

Sheriff Gore
Since a number of sheriffs have stood against the EOs from Obama, I wonder where our San Diego Sheriff Bill Gore stand? Is he going to uphold these unconstitutional orders from the White House or is he going to abide by his oath to protect and uphold the constitution?

TKM 01-19-2013 4:20 PM

Flipdude 01-19-2013 4:25 PM

Thanks TKM and Justjeff, we are in deep sh*t then! :facepalm:

njineermike 01-19-2013 5:24 PM

He'd need to pull his head out of it's rectally impacted location before any positive things could occur.

GMG 01-19-2013 5:56 PM

When Bill Gore retired from the FBI, then San Diego Sheriff Bill Kolender

appointed Gore to be the Under Sheriff. When elections came around There was

a fear Kolender if elected wouldn't serve his full term if reelected and appoint

Gore to serve as sheriff. Well guess what, that's exactly what happened.

The rest is history.

Flipdude 01-19-2013 6:42 PM

I am really envious of the sheriffs from around the country who are actually living up to their oath of defending the constitution and not allowing this nonsense from the White House to take 2A rights of the citizens that they work for.

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