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05-02-2008, 3:56 PM
Alright guys,

I thought it would be fun to have an AR in 9mm since it would be cheaper to shoot. The way i will be saving up for this and please don't laugh too much or make fun of me will be through recycling. I recycle at my school mainly at the guys dorms and its full of plastic bottle and aluminum so its easy to get a lot in short amount of time. I just put a few beens around with recycling signs and they fill up in no time at all. Without having to do much just bringing to the recycling center i've made roughly 100 dollars in about 3 weeks. But now I have my buddies helping me out their places and i should be earning more. Mind you this is a really easy way to make some money without doing anything (so please don't laugh too much).

So my plan is to get a RRA 9mm lower and upper, but i guess my questions are does anyone else make a 9mm setup that i should look into, and does RRA make a solid product?

I think it would be funny one day when i have kids to tell them that i bought my first AR with recycling money :D

Thanks for the help.

05-02-2008, 4:00 PM
Garrison MFG makes some good 9mm uppers, they can be found on GunBroker. RRA is definetly a top company though.

05-02-2008, 9:23 PM
I would go with Garrison as well if $$ is an issue...but you can't go wrong with RRA

05-03-2008, 2:21 AM
Believe me, there is nothing wrong with trying to earn a little extra money. I keep every bit of loose change I get including pennies in order to earn some extra cash. CoinStar has become my new friend. I'm far too lazy to roll up all my change in order to take it to the bank. :)

05-03-2008, 10:45 AM
I and some others on this board believe that a RRA upper on a RRA lower is too close for comfort to the RRA's listed as banned on the SB23 list. To be safe, go w/ a lower other than RRA - you have plenty to choose from!

05-03-2008, 11:37 AM
RRA products are rock solid (no pun intended). Also, I don't think anyone is laughing at you for recycling. I do the same thing. I've been saving scrap pieces of copper tubing from work to recycle. It helps to ease the pain of ammo prices.

Now, if you were thinking of selling a kidney to fund your build... we might need to have an intervention :eek:

NorCal MedTac
05-03-2008, 3:16 PM
Due remember RRA has a huge wait on the 9mm products. I still have yet to receive pieces of my order from August. I will say however that once the tinkering period was out with finding the right fit for the mag block it purrs.