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04-29-2008, 7:02 PM
Hello Everyone,

I am excited to announce that we have partnered up with Primary Weapons Systems as a Certified Installer and Master Dealer.

I am equally excited to announce that Addax Tactical will start building custom AR15 Uppers called the ADDAX GPU using the PWS AR Gas Piston System.

We are making the commitment in becoming one of their Certified Installers, and the folks at PWS are just the best!

We will be building Carbine, Mid, and Rifle length uppers in a Standard and Enhanced series. We will have more information about this as we get our brochure and pricing set up over the next couple of weeks.

We will also be able to retrofit your existing standard AR Upper with the PWS Gas Piston System.

No matter if you have a Carbine, Mid -Length or Rifle Length upper. We will have the kit for you, and we will be able to do all of the work to install your new Gas Piston System kit to your existing AR15 upper.

Please check out the Primary Weapons Systems product brochure for more details:


Our workshop is pretty much completed and we will be ready to start production of our custom uppers and / or installing kits in your existing upper in approx. 1 month. Once the folks from PWS are able to come out to our shop and set us up on some of their tooling. We are also waiting on receiving parts from the various manufacturers.

We will be using quality components in our ADDAX GPU, that I am currently evaluating from several manufacturers.

I received one of my 2 prototype uppers today from PWS, and I am heading out to the range for a test run tomorrow...:43:

Here are some pics of the ADDAX GPU Prototype 1 (Enhanced Model). This upper is a Rifle Length (20" barrel length).






If you are interested, please email us to add you to the ADDAX GPU interest list.


Please provide us your name, email address and Calguns.net user name.

Your information will be kept private, and we will contact you vial email once we have our pricing list set up.

Please Note: We do not have a price list yet for the ADDAX GPU, but we are working on this since we are going through our product selection process for our uppers. We should have our price list ready in approx. 2 weeks.

We can tell you that the Enhanced Model will feature:
Daniel Defense Lite Railed Forend
Chrome Bolt Carrier Assembly
Mid West Industries Flip Up Sights (or comparable)
PWS FSC 556 Compensator

The Standard Model will have fewer features for a lower price point.

Thank you,


(Please Note that the AR Lower used in the picture is an Off List, California Compliant Lower with a Magazine Lock / Bullet Button, using a 10/30 magazine)

04-30-2008, 5:04 PM
I went up to Angeles today to test out my first prototype ADDAX GPU and all I can say is WOW!

I took my POF upper to compare with my GPU.

I was only able to fire 300 rounds through my GPU today (ran low on ammo).

Some quick observations:

My upper is a 20" rifle length with a .750 diameter medium barrel where my POF is a 16" .750 fluted barrel, but the POF weighed more and has a very bulky railed forend.

The felt recoil was much less than a standard AR Rifle upper and was almost the same as the POF.

The upper never got hot. I put my fingers inside the upper after shooting 50 rounds (one 10 round magazine after another) and the upper was nice and cool, just a little hint of heat that came from the chamber/barrel.

The really cool thing is that there is almost no carbon build up anywhere in the upper receiver. The only carbon that will even show up is mostly around the chamber, which is normal with any rifle.

Funny thing happend at the range. Another shooter walked up when he saw I had a POF upper and he started up a conversation about his POF upper and how it is heavy and bulky.

I asked him if he wanted to see what I am working on, and he said sure.
I handed him my GPU and he thought it was a regular AR since it was not bulky and heavy like the POF.

When I showed him it was a Gas Piston Upper using the PWS Gas Piston System, and he saw that the upper has a 20" barrel vs. a 16" like on our POF's, he was amazed.

I let him shoot a few rounds and he started talking about wanting to sell his POF... He was impressed at how easy it was to control the rifle and the recoil was not harsh at all, plus my GPU is not front / center heavy like the POF is, which after shooting a few rounds, the POF feels very heavy.

Just some pics of when I got back to the shop and tore down the rifle:






I am going back out Sunday (maybe to Piru this time) to shoot this upper some more, this time to dial it in and see how accurate I can get with her.

05-06-2008, 9:06 AM
1000 Round Report. Addax GPU Prototype 1 (Rifle Length)

No Stoppages, No Malfunctions and No Parts Breakage after 1000 rounds fired.

Ammo used (mix of Winchester 5.56, Federal 5.56 and some Winchester .223 I had laying around, all 55grain ball ammo).

The upper has not been cleaned out or oiled.

We have received allot of interest when we hit the range with her. Many shooters who had a chance to see it at the range and handled this upper think it is just a normal upper, until they shoot it.

Everyone who tried her out has commented on how the recoil is not as sharp as their standard AR, and this upper is very easy to handle and shoot with. Also, the noise level at the shooters end is much lower than a standard AR, since pretty much most of the Gas Venting is happening at the front gas block/piston vs. a standard AR where the allot of the gas is directed back into the upper receiver.

We are going to drop on one of my German Hensoldt Z24 Model 3 4X Sniper scopes on her, and dial in her accuracy on our next trip.

We will continue to shoot her and report back when we hit certain round count milestones, the next one being 3000 rounds.

We also plan on conducting some dirt, sand and water function tests very soon.


07-08-2008, 7:08 PM
very nice!

10-12-2008, 2:51 PM
I shot my GPU today and it was amazing!