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04-29-2008, 12:58 PM
So, I recently bought some more C Products 10 Round Aluminum Magazines along with some of their Tactipuls.
It was the first batch of magazines that I bought from them that didn't have a Magpul follower and because of the follower they did use, it didn't accept the advertised amount of rounds and caused some FTFs and FTEs. (Never had a problem with my 8 other C Products 10 rounders before the recent batch.)
I sent an e-mail to C Products this morning, politely voicing my concern.
Just this afternoon, I got this response.

There was indeed a small batch of magazines assembled with an incorrect follower. Please throw the follower that was in the magazine out and I will send you the correct follower that makes the magazines function correctly. I apologize for the mix up and inconvenience and trouble this has caused you.
Thank you for your business and we hope we can continue to meet your expectations.

Thank you
Barry R Bergen
Owner / Managing Member
C Products LLC

Now that's what I call customer service!
A big +1 for C Products!

04-29-2008, 1:34 PM
if installing an alternate follower enables a higher capacity then the magazine is not permanently modified. does this not make it illegal??

could be a huge problem..

04-30-2008, 5:06 AM
if installing an alternate follower enables a higher capacity then the magazine is not permanently modified. does this not make it illegal??

could be a huge problem..

Not really. Under the same line of reasoning every person in this state that owns a Glock 10 round magazine of any caliber is in trouble. There are Glock extensions for those magazines so in theory since anyone could pop the floorplate off and put on a magazine extension, then everyone would be in trouble.

Further since you can usually put more 9mm ammo in a .40 S&W magazine, anyone with 10 round .40 S&W magazines would also be in a pinch too.

Even the coveted Bushmaster 10/20 could have the base plate removed and you could have shaved some of it down or shaved down the follower.

How many people have you heard have been prosecuted for having 10 round magazines that could be made into higher capacity when the original parts are removed and new parts are added on? I have heard of exactly zero.

Really when it boils down to it, the magazine ban is worthless. Permanent is really quite ambiguous since nothing is really ever permanent except death.

You all need to relax as no one is going to prosecute you for buying a 10 round C Products magazine that is advertised as a 10 rounder and that holds 10 rounds. You are much more likely to be pinched for simply owning the gun that the C Products 10/10 magazine came with.

And as long as you buy them from a FFL holding California vendor, even if a DA came after you, you would be the perfect magazine test case. Afterall, I have a permit to import large capacity magazines. Buying large capacity magazines is not probibited in the penal code and properly licensed FFLs can lawfully sell large capacity magazines in this state with or with out a importation permit. Lets go ahead and take that one to court and open up the flood gates.

Not to mention I would venture to guess nearly every FFL in this state has probably sold a C Products 10/10 magazine and most certainly a Glock 10 round magazine of some sort. When they knock on my door and come after me for it, I will warn you guys to destroy your magazines. :rolleyes:

05-02-2008, 5:50 AM
Very well said Wes!

Magazine laws the way they are written in this state are not as clear as the Federal ban that sunsetted in 2004. The Federal 1994-2004 Clinton bill that is no longer in effect was VERY clear on how magazines are made for 10rds during the 10 years. ATF had to actually approve mags that were made - even the Bushmaster 20/10 we have seen for years following 2004 were made as part of the Federal law. Now Californians are perfect for these mags.

However state law is very ambiguous and not easily determined. Even though we get criticism on the riveting we do on the large capacity mags (same permit Wes @ TPF has), the modification is permanent unless someone drills out the rivet which then you might have a problem.

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