View Full Version : Excellent TV News Video re "Shall Issue" in MO -- No Problems to Report

04-25-2008, 7:22 PM
Go to: http://www.iowacarry.org/
The video is on the homepage.

It includes interviews w/a woman who was an anti because as a child she witnessed her Mom getting shot twice and a sheriff who was skeptical about Shall Issue before the law was passed, but is now pro-Shall Issue. No incidents of shootouts over fender-benders or the usual nonsense sheriffs and chief still spew trying maintain their monopoly on legal carry and to scare civilians (esp the womenfolk) into dependence upon them, the "heroes" (who, because BGs usually look around before they commit their crimes, are usually never around when you need one).

The female reporter even goes through the class to get her own CCW! :D

Definitely worth watching and sharing. It is 5 minutes long.