View Full Version : GD Remington Trigger

04-25-2008, 6:59 PM
More exactly, the new "X-Mark Pro Trigger" on my 700 VS II 22 - 250. I should have known as soon as I saw "now Featuring the New ....." that I was screwed.

I've adjusted dozens of Remington 700 triggers - sear in back, overtravel top front & spring pressure bottom front. The X looks the same, including the glue dot over the sear screw, but I can not get the screw to move. It takes a 1/16 allen, but is socked down tight as hell and I've already twisted or broken 2 allen wrenches. Anyone adjusted one of these & if so, comments?

I'm wondering if they used black loctite to hold the thing solid in place, requiring some heat to move it around. As a last resort, I presume a plain old 700 trigger can be switch into place, correct?

Thank you Remington, I knew I should have bought the Savage 12.