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04-24-2008, 7:29 AM
EAI now offers sight and finish upgrade packages for SIG GLOCK HK and 1911 sidearms. Owners of the SIG P6 pistols recently entered into CA would do well to benefit from these, especially at the specially negotiated pricing we've managed to arrange for Calguns members.

CERA-HIDE ceramic-aluminum refinishing from CCRCERA-HIDE is the result of two years of research and development with breakthroughs is the field of Nano Technology.

CERA-HIDE is a highly developed thermally cured coating that has a Ceramic infused Nano matrix. CERA-HIDE offers greatly improved abrasion and wear resistance. It offers untold rust and corrosion resistance, and is self lubricating. CERA-HIDE makes cleaning your gun a breeze. CERA-HIDE passes the strict Military 1000 hours Salt Water test.

Every gun is finished within our stringent parameters and tested for quality and compliance. Our meticulous surface preparation is one of the key factors to our success.

Cera-Hide is available in House black, Matte Black, Stainless Steel, BTM which is designed to resemble Nickel and OD Green.

Slide Assemblies Only: SAO $65
Complete Sidearm; Includes one magazine refinish: $165
Single Magazine Refinish: $15
Further Calguns Arrangement: If we get at least five complete sidearm requests then the price per complete sidearm drops further to $160.
All prices do not include shipping (minimal as it will be FFL to FFL)



EAI Intuitive Ghost Ring Sidearm Sight Packages
Several users have asked about upgrade options for the P6.
We produce tritium vialed ghost ring sights for the P225/P6.
They are well made and provide a smooth sight transition from ghost ring rifle sights. Tritium vials are made by trijicon and installed by them as well. Pictures are of my own personall P228 WG, but the process is the same on the P6/P225. Incidentally, we also produce them for: 1911 / Glock 17 19 22 23 26 27 / Glock 20 21 30 32 / SIG 220 225 226 228 / XD / HK USP / HK COMPACT

Black with Tritum front: 76$
Tritium back, tritium front: 140$
Rear and Front Black, no tritium: 49$
Rear only, black: 39$
Free shipping on all items from EAI for calguns members.