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08-31-2014, 2:42 PM


just to confirm, this is mid length gas right?

regarding the pinned gas block:

1) I've never used a pinned gas block. So I'm thinking a slot is ground into the bottom of the barrel so a roll pin can be driven through the gas block which both index's and holds the gas block in place?

2) If that's right is there a set screw that also holds the gas block in place or is it just the pin? is the pin loc tite'd

3) I would remove the gas block before installing the barrel right or do I snake the gas tube in place after installing the barrel?

4) Most important to me, would this barrel's pin location be just for this low profile gas block or could I replace the gas block with a pinned front sight gas block? Be cause I would want the front sight gas block to be pinned

please fell free to answer any, all , or none of my many questions.

thanks just trying to plan my next build. I was thinking of going with a psa dissapator because I liked the mid length gas with rifle length sight but then i read some of those barrels were actually .730 in front of the gas block with a .750 front sight gas block clamped down on it.

08-31-2014, 3:12 PM
You would have to remove the gas block both to install the barrel nut and gas tube. It does say mid-length the second paragraph also says this They also include a set screwed and pinned Spike's Tactical Low Profile Gas Block (set screws and pin come loose for ease of installation).
If you were going to switch to a front sight gas block it would need to go to a gun smith, that type of set up uses two taper pins which needs to be matched with the gas block. I only see one pin if I zoom in the picture, this barrel is basically ready for somebody to put a long free float rail on it. If your going the gas block front sight route you can get a whole upper from PSA for not too much more than this barrel or get the barrel with it installed

08-31-2014, 3:18 PM
The gas block has to come off in order to get the barrel nut in place. However, it's possible to snake the gas tube into place.

To me, the finish on that barrel looks like **** - very inconsistent. It seems quite a bit lighter than most finishes, too. I've had bad luck with a Spikes barrel and customer service in the past as well, see my signature.