View Full Version : How CLEAN do you have to keep your gun?

04-22-2008, 7:17 AM
For it to shoot well?

And if you don't clean it EVERYTIME, do you see that accuracy suffers?

Also, how do u do a "make over" style cleaning?

04-22-2008, 7:45 AM
I clean mine when I am bored. Many will clean when accuracy falls. I use a combo of whipout with the accelerator and Mpro7

Vu 308
04-22-2008, 7:45 AM
There are so many schools of thought to this I am willing to bet 10 pages.

Personally I clean my gun each time I shoot it so that I know my CBS is shot from a cold clean bore.

04-22-2008, 7:48 AM
I always clean the bore after each shoot, and generally do a wipe down. Deep, take it all apart, cleaning is every few shoots (or if the guns get wet).


04-22-2008, 7:54 AM
I have montana extreme solvent.... that's good for both my 700PSS and AR, right?

Good for both the chrome lined AR and the SS SPR barrels, right?

I have MPro7 gel too.

I don't have JB.... dunno if i should get some....

04-22-2008, 7:57 AM
I clean when it's really dirty, or when accuracy suffers, or when I'm borred and got nothing to do.

Per Randy @ R+D, shoot it till accuracy suffers.

04-22-2008, 8:01 AM
I haven't cleaned in about 800 rounds.. i'm still at around .6 MOA as of yesterday. I simply don't clean the darn thing. There's literally a mound of burnt lead/ deposit on my muzzle brake. If it ain't broken, don't fix it.

04-22-2008, 8:08 AM
Also, how do u do a "make over" style cleaning?

I still wanna know how to do this.... :-(

04-22-2008, 8:20 AM
My old savage ran molly and NO cleaning for the last few months of its life with me. Shot the best ever.

04-22-2008, 8:27 AM
make over style?

i clean when i can get around to it, which is usually after every range trip, unless the next trip is imenent. or if things start to fail to operate. i know my 30-06 doesnt like to have its copper fouling removed. accuracy suffers until i get another 20 shots thru it to re-copper it.

04-22-2008, 8:29 AM
Whenever I get around to it after each use. The longest I've went without cleaning is about 3 weeks. I use CLP, Boresnake, Q-Tips and rags.

Keeping a clean firearm at the ready adheres to the Pirate code.:chris::43:

04-22-2008, 8:37 AM
I still wanna know how to do this.... :-(

I think you are talking about cleaning to the bare metal. So like I use Wipeout every so many cleanings to get the barrel back to as close to bare metal as I can.

04-22-2008, 8:43 AM
It depends on the barrel - factory vs custom. With a custom barrel I clean when ever accuracy drops and that basically depends on how dirty the powder is and what type bullet you use - with RE15 and SMKs I generally clean around 350 to 400 rounds sometimes sooner as my rifles gets a weekly dust bath at APS. With a factory barrel I clean more frequesntly since the barrel is usually rough, also with a focotry tube I never clean it down to bare metal as I always want to leave a layer of copper filling in the imperfections.

04-22-2008, 8:43 AM
I still wanna know how to do this.... :-(

Never heard of this term.. but when I do clean my rifle.. I go all out.

Use a combo cleaner like Butches bore shine to get out most of the crud with a nylon brush.
Then I use Sweet's 7.62 to get out all the copper with patches.
Then I finish it up with MPro7 to get out the lead and whatevers left.
I of course dry it in between and then finish with a light coat of oil and a few dry patches after that.
Don't forget to clean the chamber too. I just use some MPro7 for that.
Oh yeah.. use a bore guide!

The rest:
I yank out the action and clean everything with some CLP. I then clean it off real good with some paper towels.
Rings and base NEVER gets removed.
I then inspect the glass on my scope and blow out any debris. If there's any spots on it, then I wipe it down with a camera lens cloth.

That's all!

04-22-2008, 8:52 AM
Bore guide and bore cleaning.... I'm ok with...

Now, how do you clean the chamber for a 700 and for an AR?

And finally, where should u lube a 700 after you clean it? MPro7 gun oil good enough?

04-22-2008, 8:56 AM
CHamber cleaning kit from Midway or Brownells

04-22-2008, 9:01 AM
And finally, where should u lube a 700 after you clean it? MPro7 gun oil good enough?

That's what I use. I just wipe it on the bolt.. then wipe it dry.. and call it a day.

04-22-2008, 9:08 AM
Cleaning? I thought these rifles were self cleaning. Isn't that why we pay so much for them? Shoot another round down the barrel. Doesn't that clean out what was left behind by the last?

I don't clean unless accuracy sucks...or when I've got nothing better to do. The factory savage barrel loved it when it had 4 or 5 hundred down the pipe. Thats when it shot best.

04-22-2008, 9:16 AM
My Rock groups better now that it is dirty. Well the SMKs do, gotta fix my scenar load and I think I know what to do thanks to Randall.

04-22-2008, 9:22 AM
My Rock groups better now that it is dirty. Well the SMKs do, gotta fix my scenar load and I think I know what to do thanks to Randall.

What are you doing with the scenar load? I've been playing with seating depths and haven't found any conclusive results. For groups at 100, Amaxes and SMKs still shoot slightly tighter groups for me.

04-22-2008, 10:05 AM
From what he was saying which made since to me was that seating at 2.815 there may not be enough bullet supported by the case due to the long boat tail. If the bullet is moving when chambered that can cause some of the consistency issues I am seeing. I am also getting some pretty large ES numbers when compared to what my final SMK load is. I plan on doing 3 things. Increasing the tension a little by using a step smaller bushing. I believe I am only doing .1 now and will move to .2. I will also try both the 2.815 and a 2.8 with the same tension and see what happens. I also plan on reducing my load a little. I am going to try and get as close to 2900 as I can. My Rock is fast and I think I may be shooting the scenars to fast. I am averaging 2980. In my factory barrel they were running 2900 and was bead accurate when I did my part. The Rock could shoot the *** off a fly at 100 yards with the SMKs.