View Full Version : So the neighbor kids said the cops were at my house...

04-18-2008, 6:13 PM
I'm not 100% positive that they were being truthful, but then again I don't know why they would make this up. According to them, 3 police officers came to my house around 5:00pm on Sunday (I would have been gone then) and when they saw that no one was home they asked these girls if they knew whether or not anyone was home. They said they didn't know, but that a guy and his wife lived there. Evidently there response was, "Oh, well we need to check out his house".


Is there any number I can call to see why on God's green earth there were cops at my house? I find this incredibly bizarre, and have no idea what they could possibly be looking for? Your help is appreciated! Thanks,

04-18-2008, 6:18 PM
my sources tell me they are looking for the notorious bbq bandit who has been visiting neighboring apt's and using up all the propane and leaving fish bones on the dirty grill

04-18-2008, 6:26 PM
Put everything in your moms name NOW! :eek:

Call your local PD.

Gator Monroe
04-18-2008, 6:56 PM
[QUOTE=DJMAN;1148310]Put everything in your moms name NOW! :eek:

I did that in 1990 (Plus gave her power of Atty.) then one day I called her (Around 1993) and she informed me Escrow closed on my house(Which I owned oughtright) about 2 weeks ago...

04-18-2008, 6:59 PM
Must be bad info....I just called the Sheriff's Dept., and both local PDs that have jurisdiction where I'm at. None of them showed any history of being at my address. That means it was IGGY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!