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04-14-2008, 2:56 PM
Back in stock!!

Federal XM193 5.56mm (223 Rem.), Lake City Brass, 55 gr FMJ, 20 rd

Quantity on Hand: 558

Product Description:
In individual 20 Round boxes. This is the most popular 5.56mm product we've ever carried! Reloadable, Boxer Primed, Brass Case, Non Corrosive, Made in the USA (XM193)

Product SKU: 94012

Product Pricing:Unit Price $7.95
Quantity Discounts
1+ $7.95
25+ $7.79 ($194.75)
50+ $7.59 ($379.50)


04-14-2008, 8:40 PM
I believe the code expired today 4/14, so no more savings on the XM193 from OMC... But this deal is still $9 better the link below when calculated to my zipcode.

BTW I got my 1000 from the original OMC shipment today from the Big Brown Truck, perfect brand new NATO crossed 2008 XM193, this stuff is like the cocaine you see in movies that gets tested and turns super blue and the characters are like, "man, it's 90% pure!" and one guy snorts it and passes out blissed with his nose bleeding.... Yes! Fresh 2008 NATO 5.56 is my anti-drug!
but this is $205 per 500 rounds shipped:


There is more of this going to hit the market in large volumes in the next six months so the price should be stable for a while $370-400 per k should be somewhat normal. But as we have seen over the last four years, trying to predict the price of ammo is nearly impossible.

Buying ammo is still better than having a money market account.