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04-03-2008, 9:11 PM
I was going to buy a .22LR bolt action and the SH IOR Scope but then ending up spending my money on vacations and new tires. Sigh.. I should have my new scope by June though. That gives me some time to play with it before SCPRC. I need the extra magnification to stay competitive by spotting my own shots :(

Vu 308
04-03-2008, 9:15 PM

You need new tires to get to the range man.

+ Vacation with the family, GF, or whatever is priceless.....

Scopes and guns are going to be there for a lil bit.

I give up a whole lotta shooting and rifles cause I have big money pit...aka wakeboard boat.....3.90 a gallon x 65gallon tank......

Few good friends.....few cold beers....flat water to board on...1500watts of sound and women bouncin in bikinis...priceless

04-03-2008, 9:22 PM
You gotta do what you gotta do. You're doing just fine with the rig you have. You have a 10/22 right?

04-03-2008, 9:22 PM
My scope money went to my son's birthday party and I need to put a DVD player in the wife's Minivan. I'll probably have my scope closer to June as well.

04-03-2008, 9:32 PM
Coulda been worse I bought a new Leica range finder last weekend (yeah I did) but realized I didn't have enough "range money" to float it and my car payment . . . so had to borrow $$ from the CEO (aka wife) - I'm on restrictions.

Vu 308
04-03-2008, 9:35 PM
Well worth it right PRC?

04-03-2008, 9:39 PM
Yeah.. I hear you guys. Not sayiing I regret taking vacations or buying other things.. I just wish I had more money :) Shooting sure does eat up a lot of funds though.

Crap.. I just remembered I have a speeding ticket I still need to pay/ fight. Sigh.. I love driving on the mountain roads with new summer race tires too.. but not until i'm done fighting this one!

04-03-2008, 9:44 PM
Well worth it right PRC?

Yup. I had a good time and the kids will like the DVD player. They love the one in my truck.

04-04-2008, 11:56 AM
tell me about it. my father's health is going down the drain, so my mother is taking care of my father now in techachapi. that means i just lost my baby sitter, so i'm mr mom right now. to makes things worse i've been doing only 1 deal a week plus i have to quit my other part time job to take care of my kid. i just lost 90% of what little income i had this year. i might have to drop out of all the matches, cause at this rate i'm dipping into my savings and going negative cash flow. what else can go wrong?

04-04-2008, 12:05 PM
Sorry to hear about all the bad luck, Pete. Not to downplay your situation, but as bad as things are, they could be worse and we all still have it pretty good comparatively. We got our health, loving family, roof over our heads, and are not in serious debt. We may not be living in high society, but we ain't down in the dumps either. Hope things pick up for you and I wish the best for your dad.

04-04-2008, 12:20 PM
i'm actually taking on another 130k in debt to pay off some of my mom's mortgage. that's going to be another 6 hundred a month for me. lucky i got my savings.

04-04-2008, 12:36 PM
Over the years, I have learned to budget the luxuries first. You'll live life in misery in you never get toys to play with.

When I was younger and money was real tight I would figure out what kind of toy I wanted and how much it would cost me. Then I would change my habits to allow me to put money away for that. If you smoke cut back a dollar's worth of cigarettes a day and put that dollar in your "toy fund". If you buy lunch everyday, brown bag it twice a week and put $20 in the "toy fund". Those little things add up quickly.

Another thing that I learned is to budget twice as much for every toy that you want and when the "Toy fund" hits the right amount spend half on your toy and the other half on the female in your life.

I figured out really quickly that I could spend $500 on a gun without any grief if at the same time I sent $25 worth of flowers to Wifezilla when it wasn't expected and took her out for a $100 dinner at a nice restaurant.

If your wife works and you send the flowers to her job where her coworkers can see them and be jealous, you don't even have to take her out to dinner and you'll get lucky that night also.

04-04-2008, 12:42 PM
Well **** that puts my complaining about the cash I spent on a birthday party in a whole new light.

Like my grandma always said. Yours shoes may be dirty and worn but there is another person who doesn't have any at all. Pete, keep your head up.

04-04-2008, 12:48 PM
yep one thing for sure in this life. shix happens. lucky i was prepared for shix to happen. told my wife 5 years ago to put away this money, and hide it for a rainy day. the rain has come. suxs to be in real estate right now, but that is part of deal if you take real estate as a life long career. make the money put it away, and use it when you don't make none and hold tight till the sun shines again.

as long as my dad and mom are good, it makes things easier for me to not worry about them.

if i get lucky mayby my biotech ipo investment will blow up.

as for age. there is always a turning point in one's heath when you start that downhill roll. there is nothing to stop it. my mom will take good care of my dad. i just got to take care of my mom, and it'll all be good.

04-04-2008, 1:05 PM
$1600 goes to fixing my car!! New head and valve job.... 1/2 the engine rebuilt.... *sigh*....

Now, I am broke....

And I won't even be getting Bush's Economy Stimulus $$..... !$#@%^$#!$

04-04-2008, 1:39 PM
And I won't even be getting Bush's Economy Stimulus $$..... !$#@%^$#!$

Why the heck not?! Ahh.. you made $75+ (I think that is the cut off)? What you need to do is report some losses!

04-04-2008, 7:53 PM
Coulda been worse I bought a new Leica range finder last weekend

LRF, CRF or Geovids?