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Capt Jack
03-29-2008, 12:01 AM
Hi Guys,

I actually joined in January, but I just now realized that I had forgotten to introduce myself! :sleeping:

I am just now getting back into firearms. I used to own a .22 revolver and an SKS but I sold them just before moving out of state to go to college years ago.

So far, I have really learned a great deal from this site and am constantly amazed at how complex our state laws are regarding firearms. Still, I think I will eventually try to build an OLL and I know this will be an important spot (besides, it seems as if I have already made it a habit to check in every day...)

Thanks for having a great resource and keep up the good work!

BTW, I posted up a request in the WTB section for a stainless Ruger P94 9mm. If anyone might have one for sale, please let me know and thanks!

03-29-2008, 9:10 AM