View Full Version : WTS NEW condition KSC USP45 Airsoft Pistols in Orange

03-28-2008, 2:44 PM
These are the last of my like new airsoft KSC USP45's with higher cost Japanese Version fully engraved frames/magazines with Shooters Design (blued slide)/Prime (silver slide) premium machined aluminum (not cheap cast metal or plastic) engraved metal slides and outer barrels installed. These are from an adult collection, have never been fielded or misused and they work perfectly. They come with the original Japanese box, accessories and owners manual. They also have a stronger 150% recoil spring and hi-flow gas valves installed to make the blowback more realistic. They will be sold with a red barrel plug that is removable. Each gun has one magazine. If you were to purchase these guns new from overseas where you have to go to get these with the proper frame/slide/barrel engraving you would spend over $330 dollars each with the overseas shipping. I'm pricing these gun packages at $189 each, you won't be sorry! They would make a perfect practice platform to your real steel HK's since they are nearly identical in weight, size, appearance and the guns have fully functional blowback action.