View Full Version : Two (2) Ruger PC9 Carbines !!! BOTH HAVE BEEN SOLD !!!

Mr. Beretta
03-27-2008, 2:55 PM
FYI…..In my travels I found a San Diego FFL who has two (2) unfired Ruger PC9 carbines (new, old stock in box). I saw one. It had standard fixed sights not the ghost ring sights. I didn’t handle / examine the rifle so I can’t say if it had any handling marks from going in & out of the safe, etc….. From what I saw, it looked fine to me. Each rifle has one hi-cap leo mag. Price is $550 each plus shipping.

The FFL told me she will not sell the rifles directly to retail customers but will sell & transfer them ONLY to other FFL’s who in turn, will sell / transfer them to their customers. She also told me, the hi cap mags won’t be sold / transferred to the other FFL without the purchasing FFL providing a CA. hi cap mag certificate at the time of sale / transfer.

So there you have it. I have absolutely ZERO interest of any kind involved with this other than to pass on the info. Please don’t PM me for more info, cause I don’t have any. I know several have been looking for these rifles. If you’re interested, I suggest getting together with your local FFL and call Marilyn (manager) at 619-280-4300. Good Luck. :)