View Full Version : WTS: Colt Postban LW Barrel, M4A2 upper, Hammer, Carbine Handguards, Buffer

03-20-2008, 9:40 PM
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All these parts came from a NIB Colt postban MT6530. All were professionally removed by myself. No non factory marks or scratches. All parts are in their factory original, unmodified condition.

1. Colt postban 16" lightweight barrel, 1/7 twist. Bare muzzle and no bayonet lug. Factory FSB and barrel nut included as usual. Has factory M4 feedramps with a 4 stamped on the barrel extension. No bent barrel nut teeth. $240

2. Colt A2 upper with forward assist, rear sight, and ejection port cover factory installed and M4 ramps. The M4 ramps are factory after anodized ramps. C AF forge code. Black finish. No scuff marks from a vice block typical of other uppers found on the internet. $250

3. Colt carbine handguards. Not M4 style. $45

4. Colt large pin hammer. $20

5. Colt plastic rifle length MT style buffer. $10